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BREAKING: WEF Whistleblower Has Q Freakout On-Air


Alex Jones interviewed a man who drank the ‘Q-Laid’.

During his Monday show, Alex Jones interviewed a foreign man named Pascal Najadi who ended up parroting Q-style claims that many current public figures no longer exist while also claiming a former U.S. president who was born in 1917 and assassinated on-camera in 1963 is still alive, and is Q himself.

“That’s not Elon Musk, he’s gone,” Pascal said. “Do you see that rocket ship, that piece of metal, with traditional so-called rocket fuel, you want to go on a seven month voyage.”

The man went on to claim that President John Kennedy, who will turn 107-years-old next month, is not only alive, but is also Qanon.

“President Kennedy is alive, he’s Q actually,” Pascal said.

The foreigner also made the point that there was a solar eclipse over Dallas, the city Kennedy was assassinated in.

“You guy’s had a solar eclipse, Alex, everybody saw it, in Dallas was the shadow,” he said.

When Alex Jones confronted the man about his unsubstantiated claims, Pascal responded by changing the topic.

“What evidence,” Pascal said.

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