Horst D. Deckert

Mental abuse: Horror and zombie teddy bears for toddlers

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLAGER | The mail order company Otto and Amazon offer (or offered) zombie teddies for children. The product description on Amazon (1.6.2022) proudly states that „wounds, innards, bones and injuries […] have been elaborately modelled by hand“. Zombie Teddy“ is stated as the manufacturer. At Otto, these strange products, which presumably trigger nightmares in small children, were offered under the „Feluna cuddly animal series“ as „creepy cuddly bear“. This is clearly about toddlers as a target group!


This is quite clearly a case of crossing the line! Children and young people are supposed to be protected from public displays of violence and pornography by protective laws. Every horror film has an age rating appropriate to its content. So how can it be that such products are allowed to be advertised to toddlers at all?

What kind of product developers and marketing departments put such products on the market that are harmful to young children? It seems obvious that there are deliberate efforts at work here. Especially in popular culture, more and more boundaries have been crossed in recent years. They serve to dull the senses in order to get children used to occult content as early as possible. Particularly repulsive are the semi-pornographic videos of music performer Lil Xi Nas, a self-confessed Satanist. According to his own depictions and appearances at schools, primary school children are his target group !

Screenshot: YouTube, Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Judging by the customer reviews on Amazon, there are enough adults who view these horror teddies positively. Presumably there are also enough jaded and morally insensitive parents who even give their children something like this! It seems that the Zombie Teddies have triggered a wave of complaints, and Otto has already taken them out of their range.

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