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Slovenians Growing Angry As Left-Wing Government Invites Waves of Non-EU Migrants


The Slovenian government is attempting to solve the migration problem by making it legal, which has contributed to migrant centers overflowing across the country.

Dissatisfaction is growing in Slovenia because the Ljubljana government thinks the solution to the problems caused by foreigners is to legalize illegal migration, former Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša told Hungarian news outlet Magyar Hírlap at the CPAC Hungary 2024 conference.

“The latest figures show that the proportion of migrants has increased several times compared to the previous period. Robert Golob, Slovenia’s left-wing prime minister, has invited migrants, saying the solution to illegal migration is to make it legal. Migration centers are full, and this is the result of this policy. Of course, the population does not like it,” Janša said.

He added that migration has not yet become a critical social issue only because the government is hiding its true magnitude: 

“Perhaps this (migration being a major issue) cannot be said yet, as the government controls the press, so it can hide the actual number of migrants and the problems they cause. But the fact is that discontent is growing, and the issue has become central to the current European Parliament elections.”

In the past, Slovenia’s migrant population almost entirely consisted of Europeans from neighboring countries from the former Yugoslavia. Overall, it has maintained its status as a homogenous and peaceful country, but now there are growing waves of non-EU migrants making their way onto its territory, following a trend seen in other Central and Eastern European nations, which have up until recently avoided the perils of mass immigration.

Asked about the EU’s new migration pact, Janša said his party did not vote for it because of the inherent problems related to migration that the pact fails to solve:

“Some elements of the new pact on migration are acceptable, but the whole approach to the problem is inadequate. I am thinking here of the mandatory quota system, which would distribute migrants between EU member states. That is why my party, the Alliance of Slovenian Democrats, did not vote for this initiative in the European Parliament. All in all, the new migration pact is not sufficient to solve the problem,” he said.

NGOs promoting mass migration

He also pointed out that like in many other European countries, NGOs are effectively encouraging migration.

“This is a serious problem in Slovenia because under our legislation, there are limits on the funding of campaigns by registered political parties. For example, private companies are not allowed to contribute to the expenses of political parties. Private donations are also allowed only to a limited extent. However, there are no restrictions for NGOs,” Janša said.

“These organizations can be funded by anyone without control. Thus, NGOs can campaign for the left before elections. For example, they can influence the political climate, even though they are not taking part in the elections. In fact, they are paramilitary supporters of the left. Robert Golob regularly appears in the Slovenian media, sitting at the same table with Alexander Soros. That explains everything.”

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