Horst D. Deckert

The power elites demonstratively assassinate Tanzanian President Magufuli

He who will not hear must feel? Already in July 2020, the perfectly healthy president of Burundi died of a „heart attack“. He had called the Corona crisis a hoax. On 18 March 2021, the specialist portal Corona Transition, citing the source Spiegel, reported: „Tanzania’s President Magufuli is dead„. According to the media, this is of course pure coincidence or Corona…

„For weeks Tanzania’s President John Magufuli had not appeared in public, there were rumours of a corona infection. Now his deputy has announced the head of state’s death.“

Magufuli had already testified publicly months ago that Tanzanian scientists and lab technicians had tested PCR tests and that they even responded to papaya and motor oil. Experts estimate that more than 100 million Africans will die from hunger as a result of „Corona measures“ – i.e. not as a result of Corona. The UN warns of a famine of „biblical proportions“ (the UN’s original choice of words). The pharmaceutical industry has long used Africa as a laboratory for human experimentation.

How do we „know“ that the man was deliberately killed? Quite simply, such a person is a good example to make (ask Burundi). The „master race kids“ behind the hashtags #ZeroCovid and #NoCovid don’t even notice the death of an African.


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