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‘Transgender’ Runner Sets Two New Records in College Women’s Track & Field Events

Footage shared to social media shows biologically male runner decimating a female competitor.

A male-to-female transgender athlete is raising eyebrows after setting two new records in college female track and field events.

Rochester Institute of Technology biologically male runner Sadie Schreiner recently set new records on the Women’s 300m and 200m races.

In the 300m race, Schreiner set a new personal best, finishing in 41.78 seconds, improving upon his own previous record of 41.80 seconds, which he set last month.

“The thing that never happens happened again,” commented fairness in women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines, sarcastically countering a false talking point frequently made by transgender advocates.

Footage shared to X by Gaines shows Schreiner decimating a female competitor as they head into a corner, with Schreiner taking advantage of an inside lane.

The thing that never happens happened again

Male, Sadie (Camden) Schreiner, broke two more women’s collegiate records at @RITtigers

Women’s records mean nothing if they’re set by men pic.twitter.com/wtveNpPqsn

— Riley Gaines (@Riley_Gaines_) January 29, 2024

Some social media users criticized Schreiner’s latest victory, claiming the records set don’t count.

They should not count. If he is not actually a biological female his record breaking should be meaningless as he is not a female. This is so degrading to hard working females who partake in sports to just have it ripped away by someone who doesn’t deserve it. Follow me if you…

— Right Angle News Network (@Rightanglenews) January 29, 2024

No, he didn’t. He ran a mediocre male time, probably not good enough to win anything in male athletics. Due to brave people like you and others, the pushback is gaining traction, and I hope, in the near future, all these records & wins will be quashed.

— Buster Crabb (@FastScouse) January 29, 2024

Records that are set by men in women’s divisions aren’t records. They just prove how far society has fallen. Follow if you agree.

— RedWave Press (@RedWave_Press) January 29, 2024

This record will stand until another man beats it. How can anyone argue this is good for women’s sports?

— Carl Lazlo (@roybatty010816) January 29, 2024

There needs to be a web site that keeps all records set by real women.

— Cassandra (@CassyWearsHeels) January 30, 2024

Wow. Men do not set women’s records. Men do not belong in women’s sports or private spaces. Even typing this is surreal! You are the beacon of hope for women’s sports, God bless you.

— RW (@RWfreespeech) January 29, 2024

Schreiner also received criticism last month following a record-breaking finish in the 300m race, where he beat two biologically female competitors.

New collegiate school record in women’s 300m at @RITtigers !!! Except it was set by a male

This happens a lot for something that never happens @RITTFXC pic.twitter.com/qDTUOyIv6P

— Riley Gaines (@Riley_Gaines_) December 13, 2023

How much longer will male runners be allowed to dominate female competitors before this madness is brought to an end?

Notably, GOP frontrunner former President Donald Trump has made fairness for female athletes part of his campaign platform, promising to ban “transgender women” from competing in women’s sports.

TRUMP: “I will keep men out of women’s sports.” pic.twitter.com/J6yBflV9yW

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) January 27, 2024

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