Horst D. Deckert

Trump Shares Video Claiming ‘Old Guard’ Globalists Being Politically Destroyed

Epic hype video going viral

American presidential frontrunner Donald Trump shared a video to his Truth Social platform on Sunday that claimed, “We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard.”

The epic footage went on to show Trump meeting with world leaders during his presidency, explaining, “Saudi Arabia submitted. The Vatican submitted. NATO submitted. Japan submitted,” along with a slew of other nations.

The video Trump shared was posted in response to a separate Truth Social post, where the user Clandestine wrote, “VERY interesting. The New York Times reports that Trump recently spoke with Saudi Crown, Mohammad Bin Salman.”

“As tensions rise in the Middle East, Trump is communicating with arguably the most prominent figure in the Muslim world, while Biden is asleep at the wheel,” he explained. “The NYTs cite they do not know the contents of the conversation, just that the two spoke via phone recently.”

“Trump has always had a great relationship with MBS, and all the BRICS leaders for that matter. Let’s hope Trump and his diplomatic efforts can convince the BRICS nations to hold off from escalating WW3, in the hopes that Trump can reclaim office and swiftly end NATO/Israel’s aggression. The leaders of the world know that Biden isn’t going to solve anything. The world wants Trump.”

It’s clear the rest of the world had more respect for America during Trump’s presidency as he was a true leader and not another globalist puppet like Joe Biden.

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