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UK Environmental Lobbyist Says Having Children Is ‘Selfish’ & Presents A Moral Issue Due To Carbon Footprint

YOU are the carbon the globalists want to reduce!

Environmental lobbyist Donnachadh McCarthy told GB News Tuesday there’s a “moral issue” with having children because they contribute to increases in carbon.

Of course, human beings are carbon-based lifeforms, so it’s clear WE are the carbon globalist eugenicists like McCarthy want to eliminate.

This Eco lunatic says there’s a “moral issue” with having kids because each will have a 500 ton carbon footprint. Meanwhile, global fertility rates are catastrophically collapsing. They HATE humanity. Their lives are miserable & their agenda is 💀 Report: https://t.co/I3vfVi3M3Q pic.twitter.com/8C71q752c3

— m o d e r n i t y (@ModernityNews) January 30, 2024

“There is a moral issue,” McCarthy said of having children, explaining each person born is responsible for emitting “around 505 hundred tons of carbon over their lifetime.”

“That’s equivalent to 1000 years of electricity for a household,” he continued. “So each child has an impact and we’re saying one is great, two is plenty and three is selfish.”

Parenting coach Nicole Ratcliff responded to McCarthy, saying, “The idea that three [children] is selfish is shocking.”

The environmental lobbyist later complained about how many airplane flights a child goes on throughout their lifetime while failing to mention the top carbon culprits are undoubtedly the world’s elite who fly in private jets around the globe and sail on oversized yachts.

Continuing to nag about basically every living creature on God’s green Earth, McCarthy noted the average house pet canine has a large carbon footprint because they “eat a lot of meat.”

See the full video below:

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