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Aaron Rodgers Responds To Jimmy Kimmel Feud – Drops Massive Red Pills To ESPN Audience


Top NFL star addresses false allegations he insinuated Kimmel is a pedo

Future Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers responded to his ongoing beef with MSM comedian Jimmy Kimmel during Tuesday’s edition of The Pat McAfee Show.

Rodgers addressed several comments Kimmel made during Monday’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! where the establishment shill resorted to inaccurate ad hominem attacks against Rodgers, mostly focusing on the football star’s allegedly low IQ.

Kimmel said Rodgers is a “hamster-brained man” and trashed his road from junior college to attending the University of California.

NEW: Hollywood liberal Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Aaron Rodgers for going to community college before playing at Cal.

Ironically, Kimmel went to Arizona State University, a school that currently has a ~90% acceptance rate.

“A guy who went to community college, then got into Cal… pic.twitter.com/PJhm0SKIs5

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) January 9, 2024

The late-night host’s comments come as Rodgers recently noted Kimmel “is really hoping” a list of Jeffrey Epstein associates isn’t released.

Both Kimmel and many media outlets falsely stated Rodgers insinuated the comedian is on the deceased pedophile’s infamous “client list.”

However, Rodgers never said Kimmel was on a list and only pointed out he was previously dismissive of the list’s existence, which would mean he’ll have egg on his face once it drops.

The Kimmel and Rodgers beef exploded online after the comedian threatened to “sue” the New York Jets superstar.

In a much-anticipated interview, Rodgers on Tuesday told McAfee’s audience the whole spat with Kimmel started when the comic threw a random jab about Rodgers being ‘immunized’ naturally during the Covid pandemic.

𝗨𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲: #Jets Aaron Rodgers responds to Jimmy Kimmel. 😂😂😂

“I think it’s impressive a man who went to Arizona State and has 10 joke writers can read off a prompter”pic.twitter.com/Qq59z6AaS7 https://t.co/4cTIMUqonm

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) January 9, 2024

“He [Kimmel] also made a lot of comments about unvaccinated people and how they shouldn’t be given treatment or hospital beds if they got sick from Covid,” Rodgers added.

The four-time NFL MVP said Kimmel also defamed safe and effective treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and gave a platform to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he called one of the top spreaders of misinformation of the Covid era.

Rodgers also suggested that in retrospect Kimmel “took an L” for promoting Covid shots as they have now been proven to be a total failure.

“He gave a platform to one of the biggest spreaders of misinformation during the COVID times, Dr. Fauci.”

Aaron Rodgers thinks Jimmy Kimmel should take the L for shilling the establishment COVID narrative. pic.twitter.com/m3T8Eb0HSX

— Mythinformed (@MythinformedMKE) January 9, 2024

Speaking about the recent spat surrounding Epstein, Rodgers explained there was excitement about potential corruption being exposed via court documents.

Last year, Rodgers simply mentioned a potential Epstein “list” of associates existed and Kimmel decided to call him “a concussed wacko.”

“Fast forward to this last week and I said, ‘A lot of people including Jimmy Kimmel are really hoping this doesn’t come out.’ End quote,” the football star stated.

NEW: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers says he will pop “some sort of bottle” when the Epstein associates list is released and suggests Jimmy Kimmel will be named.

Everyone is excited 🔥

“There’s a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel are really hoping that doesn’t come out.”

“I’ll… pic.twitter.com/JRzjznVM7T

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) January 2, 2024

He continued, “I was referring to if there’s a list with names on it, not the court accusations, then it would be the second time… a pea-brained, MAGA, wacko, conspiracy theorist would be right twice.”

“I totally understand how serious an allegation of pedophilia would be, so for him to be upset about that I get it,” Rodgers added. “Did you watch the quote? I’m not stupid enough, even though you think I’m an idiot, I’m not stupid enough to accuse you of that without concrete evidence. That’s ridiculous. I’m glad you’re not on the list because those who are on the list, I think we could agree on this, at minimum there should be an inquiry and at maximum there should be an investigation.”

The former Green Bay Packer called on Kimmel to “give the same energy if a list comes out” as he gave “to other subjects” such as pushing Covid jabs and attacking those with dissenting views.

“Read exactly what I said,” Rodgers challenged his detractors. “This is the gameplan of the media and this is what they do. They try and cancel, and it’s not just me, look at all the different people who were censored from the internet, especially during Covid. The canceling that went on, the censorship, using the government to try and censor people – that happened – and if that doesn’t work they go to name calling. They [names] don’t stick.”

Continuing, the quarterback said, “I’m not a MAGA. I’ve never had an association with that movement. And, it’s okay if you are. Conspiracy theorist? That’s fine, because if you look at the track records of conspiracy theorists over the last few years they’ve been right about a lot of things. Anti-semite? That’s their gameplan. They use these words to attack people.”

Regarding his statement that he’d “pop a bottle” of liquor if an Epstein list went public, Rodgers said, “I still haven’t popped a bottle because no list has come out and I’m glad Jimmy’s not on a list, I really am. I don’t think he’s the ‘p’ word.”

McAfee caught a lot of heat from leftists online, establishment media talking heads and even ESPN executives for having Rodgers on his show and not pushing back on his remarks about Kimmel.

Due to the calls for McAfee to “check” Rodgers, the show host asked Rodgers to elaborate on his claim that Dr. Fauci spread large amounts of misinformation during the pandemic. 

“First of all, there are dozens of studies published in reputable journals that talk about a variety of subjects including the efficacy of masking, efficacy of lockdowns, efficacy of a number of different medicines, repurposed medicines, anti-viral, anti-malarial medicines, stuff that was used all over the world,” Rodgers quickly answered.

He went on, “In order for the vaccines to get emergency use authorization, EUA – this is what people don’t understand – it had to be that there was zero early treatments that worked against Covid. So, what did Dr. Fauci say? ‘There was nothing, there was nothing they could do.’ This was the protocol – somebody gets sick, send them home until they get horrible symptoms and then when they come back put them on Remdesivir, which is $3,000 per dose, and a ventilator. The statistics are staggering about people who went on ventilators, especially the elderly.” 

Rodgers continued, explaining he reads findings from several people such as top epidemiologists and other experts to accumulate data and form his own opinions.

“Yes, I believe he (Fauci) had a financial incentive to not push ivermectin and HCQ and monoclonal antibodies and zinc and vitamin D, and vitamin C. All stuff that was used all over the world…” he told the ESPN viewers.

Mentioning Africa, Rodgers noted the whole continent had very low Covid death numbers despite being comprised of third-world nations because most citizens regularly take anti-malarial drugs.

Anti-malarial drugs have been shown to be effective in fighting Covid, but the mRNA jabs wouldn’t have been passed under the EUA if the medical establishment acknowledged those drugs worked.

Trying to wrap up his segment of venting, Rodgers said people ask him why he’s still talking about Covid issues.

He answered, “They locked everybody up forever. It was supposed to be a couple of weeks right? Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed and never opened again. Dozens of people I know in their 30s who poured everything into these small businesses and restaurants and bars and never opened again. So, they lost everything. The wealth gap got even bigger from the haves and have-nots.”

“They lied to us over and over, vilified early treatments, censored legitimate doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough, like Dr. Pierre Kory, like Dr. Robert Malone who was allegedly there at the beginning of the mRNA technology,” he railed. “The Alex Berenson’s of the world, the Weinstein’s of the world who were writing and talking about this. Bret Weinstein.”

“They were arresting people surfing in California,” he added. “They closed the beaches when 60% or more of the country is vitamin D deficient. And you know vitamin D does well against the common cold as does vitamin C, as does zinc as does a number of home remedies we have. But, no, ‘Stay inside, wait for this vaccine which is 100% safe and effective’ they told us. So, my point is they lied to us many times over, they locked us up, closed our businesses, increased mental health issues exponentially, the rates of suicide went way up, they vilified us…”

The quarterback pointed out Los Angeles County just reinstated a mask mandate and asked, “I mean how many studies have we seen now from all over the world that show the lack of efficacy of masks?”

For the naysayers and haters nagging about Rodgers being given a platform, he suggested Americans have tough conversations and debates on the appropriate shows and programs in order to collectively find the truth.

Explaining why he’s so invested in the Covid debate, Rodgers noted, “I was vilified, my character was attacked, my reputation was attacked, my sponsors were attacked, I received death threats.”

Regarding those who claim Rodgers insinuated Kimmel is a pedophile, he clarified:

“I’m not calling him one and neither should you, so it’s not backing me up or making me feel good if you’re doing that. Let me make it crystal clear. I don’t take any fucking excitement or joy out of any people doing that, so don’t do that in my name and don’t do that at all. Those are serious accusations meant for people who are on the list. There was some names that came out recently from a deposition from 2005, but there’s still flight logs and a lot of other things that are gonna come out and this corruption goes deep… I’m not calling him one and no one should. Don’t do it in my name, that’s not cool I’m not about that and I have no love for anybody doing any of that shit.” 

A sports player intellectually dominating a mainstream establishment darling is exactly why the elitists in charge of most network television shows do not want to air real conversations like McAfee and Rodgers had in front of millions of viewers.

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