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Alex Jones, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone & Jack Posobiec Say HELL NO To Trump Picking Nikki Haley As VP


‘Absolutely not, she will undermine President Trump from minute one,’ warns General Flynn.

During an epic Sunday night X Spaces conversation, Infowars founder Alex Jones, former Trump National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, longtime political insider Roger Stone and Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec completely rejected the thought of Donald Trump selecting globalist minion Nikki Haley as his vice president.

General Flynn spoke about the prospect first, emphatically saying, “Absolutely not, she will undermine President Trump from minute one.”

Posobiec said she’d destroy Trump’s grassroots momentum and harm his poll numbers.

Alex Jones quoted Roger Stone, who had joked that Trump would “need a food tester if he hired her [Haley].”

Jones also noted Stone communicates with Trump and said the longtime friend of the president has insinuated Haley would be the VP pick when Hell freezes over.

Stone spoke next, telling listeners the Trump-Haley chatter is disinformation being floated around by the DeSantis camp in order to make Trump’s base angry at him.

General Flynn, Alex Jones, and Roger Stone all agree Nikki Haley cannot be Trump’s VP. pic.twitter.com/xS3m14rpZA

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) January 15, 2024

Stone floated the idea of Trump selecting former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard instead of Haley.

Posobiec commented on the idea of Gabbard being selected and said he’d love to see her in Trump’s Cabinet but hadn’t thought of her as a VP pick.

.@RogerJStoneJr: “I like the idea of a Donald Trump/Tulsi Gabbard ticket.” pic.twitter.com/lP4JTsfUtQ

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

.@JackPosobiec gives his thoughts on a Donald Trump/Tulsi Gabbard ticket, and who else he might like to see. 👀 pic.twitter.com/4JW2skve8j

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

At one point, Jones told the other speakers he’s happy the anti-globalist revolutionaries are just as smart and potentially more intelligent than the maniacal globalists behind the NWO.

.@RealAlexJones: “It’s good that we’re just as smart as the enemy or smarter. We know their plan…” pic.twitter.com/SlFXM1fJ76

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

Jones later detailed how people across the world are all fighting the same battle for liberty against the technocrats trying to enslave the world.

.@RealAlexJones: “People have to realize what happens to Australia, what happens to Canadian truckers, what happens to people all over the world, it is the same global enemy.” pic.twitter.com/eNWhL9MaSf

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

With the tide clearly turning against the global elite, Jones warned they’re more dangerous than ever and that Donald Trump is in direct danger for standing in the way of the psychos running the planet into the ground.

In what may turn out to be another one of Jones’ famous predictions, the Infowars founder explained the establishment is now admitting Trump’s probably going to win the election.

“They say, ‘Looks like Trump’s gonna win. When Black Lives Matter burns down the country and he declares the Insurrection Act’ – which George H.W. Bush did in 1992 for the LA Riots, which is something he should have done, I don’t agree with much of what he said – ‘We’re basically going to remove him from office.’ And they’re drafting a law with Senator Blumenthal and other Democrats they’re gonna announce next week to try to preemptively remove the power of the president,” Jones said.

As Infowars reported over the weekend, Democrat lawmakers, advocacy groups, and former government officials are “quietly devising plans” to stop former President Donald Trump from asserting control of the military if elected president again in November, according to a report.

.@RealAlexJones: “…so everything they’ve done, they’re now trying to project and invert onto President Trump, which to me the big takeaway is they’re desperate, they know they’re losing…” pic.twitter.com/Vq2oaQmOU9

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

See more highlights from the discussion below:

.@GenFlynn: “What we need is we need more whistleblowers.” pic.twitter.com/5yifDXmAB7

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

.@GenFlynn: “We have got to see voter turnout in the conservative side of the aisle to the tune of like 80%—we can overwhelm any trick that they have up their sleeve.” pic.twitter.com/IpCh5Vusms

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

.@JackPosobiec: “John Fetterman is running a complete psy-op.” pic.twitter.com/hu8o1SbSjl

— Human Events (@HumanEvents) January 15, 2024

Listen to the full discussion below:

Live now on X Spaces breaking the news that the Democrats have a plan to stage a coup over the US military if Trump wins. https://t.co/fDsN47xoSk

— Alex Jones (@RealAlexJones) January 15, 2024


TOWNHALL! https://t.co/xCk90oFDWB

— Jack Poso 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) January 15, 2024

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