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‘Alex Jones Has Been Right More Than CNN’: Rogan & Dillon Talk Great Awakening & Collapse of Mainstream Media in 2024


“Just have Infowars be our national news. That’s our BBC.”

Podcaster Joe Rogan and comedian Tim Dillon recently discussed the return of Alex Jones on X and what that means in an age of record distrust in the media and major institutions and how that will affect electoral politics in 2024.

Dillon noted that Alex Jones has “pointed out a lot of things over the years” that turned out to have been “correct.”

“A lot of them,” Rogan agreed.

“You can’t discount what he says anymore as easily as you could have” in recent years, Dillon said.

‘Alex Jones Has Been Right More Than CNN’ 😂

Ah ah ah pic.twitter.com/kPFG6ZvVWA

— 1776 (@TheWakeninq) December 23, 2023

Rogan and Dillon then discussed how credible information has been difficult to find without a “main source of information that’s reliable” in America.

“Just make it Infowars!” Dillon proclaimed. “What’s the worst that could happen? If we gotta do one, [Alex Jones] has been right enough of the time. Just have it be Infowars as our national news. That’s our BBC.”

“He’s been right more than CNN,” Rogan quipped.

Dillon noted that people are now seeking truth outside of establishment channels and institutions post-COVID.

“From the government, media, church, every institution we have has kind of collapsed in terms of how we view them and we now see how politically motivated they are, how corrupt they are, how criminal they are, and now we’re just left with a world of individuals. Some of whom are truth-seeking, some of whom are sociopaths, some of whom are funny…but now we’re just left with a world of people trying to figure it all out on their own,” he said.

“Everybody is operating outside of the institutions and the people still operating within the institutions are taking cues from people on the outside,” he added.

Prominent political figures in recent months have been admitting that Alex Jones Was Right about a number of issues, including the COVID planemic, Jeffrey Epstein, atrazine in the water supply, the Ukraine war, the open border and much more.

Which “conspiracy theories” turned out to be true? pic.twitter.com/N8glewFmu7

— Harrison H. Smith ✞ (@HarrisonHSmith) May 18, 2023

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