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Alex Jones Was Right, Now He’s Warning Of Power Grid Collapse! Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers Talk Infowars


‘You realize how many times that guy’s been right? Like, Jesus Christ!’ says Rogan.

During the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the show’s eponymous host and NFL legend Aaron Rodgers talked about the “Alex Jones was right” phenomenon and the potential of a power grid collapse taking place in America.

@joerogan⁩ & ⁦@AaronRodgers12⁩ on the ⁦@RealAlexJones⁩ was right meme and potential power grid collapse. pic.twitter.com/0AQcpLQe6B

— Kelen McBreen (@Kelenmcbreen) February 8, 2024

After talking about how iconic director Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut” turned out to be more reality-based than people originally thought, Rogan noted, “That weird stuff used to be so easy to dismiss, but now it’s the Alex Jones was right meme. Like, you realize how many times that guy’s been right? Like, Jesus Christ!”

Rogan continued, “Like, how is he so good at predicting all these things that are happening? Because the guy’s balls-deep in it all day long.”

“Yeah,” Rodgers agreed.

The podcast host went on, “You could call him right now, he’s like, ‘I’m doing the documents. I’m at a marina researching right now, this is sick. This is what they’re doing, this is the plan.’ I talk to him all the time. We text each other every time something’s crazy, I’ll text him like, ‘What is this?’ And, he’ll text me all these documents.”

Rodgers responded, “He’s talking about, I saw something he said the other day about you know, you’ve gotta have your shit ready in case they turn the power off, turn the water off.”

This comment sent Rogan on a rant about how it’s common sense that a hostile foreign adversary would attack the power grid if it wanted to “cripple America.”

“It would be chaos in two weeks,” he explained. “As soon as people don’t have water and food and their children are starving, people go crazy.”

The duo continued to discuss what a societal collapse would look like in a nation like the U.S. where the vast majority of the population is not even close to self-sufficient.

They also touched on Big Pharma corruption, RFK Jr., Dr. Fauci, the military-industrial complex and humanity’s rapid awakening in the epic discussion.

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