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Arctic Blast Leaves Many Electric Vehicle Drivers Stranded As Batteries Drain Faster, Charge Slower

Tech being forced onto the public obviously not up to standards of gas vehicles

Electric car and truck owners in America faced reality this week as the Arctic blast brought freezing conditions across the country that rendered many EVs useless.

In the Chicago area, dozens of residents had to wait for hours to try and charge their cars with the electric vehicles taking longer to charge and losing battery faster than normal due to the cold weather.

One man told NBC Chicago, “You have to come up here, wait two hours to get into the charger. They tell you it’s fast, but then it takes two hours to charge your car.”

Another driver told Chicago’s WGN he had to have his electric car towed to a power station, saying, “I saw my battery was getting low 20 to 25%. Went to the gas station there was a long line. By that time my battery drained down to 5%, which is faster than normal. Long story short here I am. We had to tow it out this way.”

An upset Uber driver who owns a Tesla told the outlet, “They definitely have to work on it because I’m out of this Tesla after today. I’m not going to ride it again.”

Some vehicles had to be towed because their batteries died while waiting in line for electric charging stations, resulting in “car graveyards” at the locations.

Up in Canada, a man posted an image of an EV at a charging station along with a story.

In the viral social media message, the Canadian explained the driver spent about $100 and sat in the car for two hours with the battery only being 2/3 charged after all that waiting.

“His trip to Saskatoon from Kelowna takes about 3 times longer for charging time (sitting time),” the post stated. “So, if you live in Canada, and are considering buying an EV, make sure your pockets are deep and you’re NEVER on a schedule.”

Took my wife into work today for safety sakes. It’s -45 this morning.

Saw a fellow sitting in his EV at a charging station. The businesses were still closed for him to stay warm and dawdle while his car charged.

I briefly spoke with him as he went into the store. He said… pic.twitter.com/INfnWU7eu1

— Mark Bohaichuk (@m_bohaichuk) January 13, 2024

A news report out of Calgary, Canada also confirmed many people are not getting the normal mileage out of their electric cars due to the cold temps.

Calgary Canada: EV owners comment on how their cars wont go, wont charge, won’t go any distance, basically suck.

Appears we need more global warming, no? pic.twitter.com/xRKdL2yk6J

— Dane (@UltraDane) January 16, 2024

While the technology is clearly far from satisfactory, governments around the world are obeying their globalist masters by forcing EVs on the public.

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