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Biden: ‘No Possibility’ Of Gaza Ceasefire as Death Toll Mounts


Polls shows majority of Americans support U.S. government mediating a ceasefire agreement amid reports of tens of thousands of civilian casualties in Gaza.

Joe Biden bluntly rejected overwhelming calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying there was “no possibility” of that happening.

A reporter asked Biden Sunday what the chances were of a Gaza ceasefire amid pleas by the United Nations, Middle Eastern countries, and hundreds of thousands of protesters from London to New York.

“None. No possibility,” Biden responded outside the White House.

“What are the chances of a Gaza ceasefire?”

Biden: “None. No possibility.” pic.twitter.com/iG9Tw7r6QH

— unusual_whales (@unusual_whales) November 12, 2023

Biden’s remarks echo that of Israel, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also rejected calls for a ceasefire on Saturday.

“We will not stop until we complete this campaign,” said Netanyahu. “There is nothing other than a victory.”

He added that no “international pressure” or any “aspersions cast about the IDF and about what we’re doing” will deter Israel in its offensive against Hamas. “It is a decree, it is an imperative, it’s incumbent upon us to defend the only State of the Jewish people.”

According to a recent Data for Progress poll, most Americans both Democrat and Republican believe the U.S. government should call for a ceasefire amid reports of tens of thousands of civilian casualties in Gaza.

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