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Breaking! Petition Introduced to Remove Biden From Illinois Ballot Using 14th Amendment

Joe Biden has given “aid and comfort” to America’s enemies by giving them an opportunity to invade the homeland through its collapsed southern border, the filing states.

Four Illinois residents have filed a petition to remove Joe Biden from the state’s 2024 presidential primary ballot on Friday, citing the 14th Amendment.

In a move that ratchets up the politically charged electoral battle for 2024, four Illinois residents submitted to the Board of Elections an objection for Biden to appear on the March primary ballot.

The legal challenge claims Biden gave “aid or comfort” to America’s enemies while in office, including China, several transnational criminal cartels, and Iran, by deliberately collapsing the southern border.

“This objection to the nomination papers of Candidate Biden details his provision of ‘aid or comfort’ to the following enemies of the United States: China, Iran, Sinoloa Drug Cartel, the international gang MS-13 through intentional acts in violation of the laws of the United States,” the filing states.

“The exhibits further illustrate Biden’s actions and open-borders policies have empowered and emboldened some of the most vicious, ruthless, and savage individuals and groups in the world.”

Whether it is transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) like the cartels and human smuggling organizations in the Western Hemisphere, potential national security threats from countries who sponsor terrorism, or those coming from major state adversaries like China and Russia, the wide-open Southwest border has given America’s enemies all over the globe an opportunity to infiltrate the homeland—an opportunity too good to pass up.

The filing details specific examples of how Biden has emboldened or empowered America’s enemies by allowing tens of millions of illegal aliens from all across the world to pour through the southern border.

“By his conduct described herein, beginning before January 20, 2021, and continuing to the present time, Biden has given aid and comfort to enemies of the Constitution and the United States by, among other things, failing to enforce the laws of the United States, allowing entry of enemy agents
illegally into the country including tens of thousands of military age men, and abandoning assets of the United States to the possession of our enemies,” the filing states.

The objection represents a major escalation in election-related legal battles after the Colorado Supreme Court and Maine’s Secretary of State unilaterally removed former President Donald Trump from those states’ respective ballots.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling is set for review by the U.S. Supreme Court. In the meantime, Trump has been put back on the state’s ballot.

Trump will also appear on the March ballot in Maine because Democrat Sec. of State Shenna Bellows suspended the effects of her decision pending court reviews.

Read the full document:

ILLINOIS Biden Objection Fi… by Jamie White

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