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BREAKING: Roger Stone Predicts Trump Will Challenge Unconstitutional Gag Order / Deep State Planning Civil War


Political analyst and Trump confidant Roger Stone spoke with Alex Jones to talk about the 2024 Trump candidacy.

Roger Stone joined Alex Jones on the Tuesday show to give his expert political analysis on Trump’s legal battle and how the deep state will proverbially tie his hands when he’s elected president again in 2024.

“The goal here once again is to get a conviction, any conviction for any formulated crime,” Stone said.

He also discussed how the current U.S. establishment is trying to take away control of the military from the commander and chief so that Trump can’t quell a liberal uprising once he’s elected.

“They’re right out front saying if Trump wins we won’t certify his election, isn’t that what they’re accusing him of doing and saying it’s a crime,” Stone said.

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