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ChatGPT Parrots Medical Establishment on Vaccines — Report


Popular AI chatbot is lauded by medical society for being a vaccine-pusher.

New research will soon be presented at the Conference of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases‘ global congress in Barcelona, Spain April 27-30 suggesting that the AI-based ChatGPT by OpenAI can help reduce vaccine hesitancy among the general public by promoting pro-vaccine propaganda.

The ESCMID Global Congress said in a statement that more and more people are not trusting vaccines based on what it deemed as false information, but that chatbots may be able to change those individual’s minds.

“…vaccine hesitancy, directly linked to misinformation—false, inaccurate information promoted as factual—is on the rise, resulting in lower vaccine uptake. Since the public debut of ChatGPT, individuals with mistrust of health professionals may be using the technology to address their concerns,” the ESCMID Global Congress statement said.

The OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT reportedly promotes measles vaccinations, even in settings that rarely see measles infections.

It also reportedly promotes perceived positives of the male human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, yet didn’t even mention when a person is too old to get the shot nor if they should even get a shot for a sexually transmitted disease if they don’t have much sex.

The chatbot reportedly reassures those allergic to eggs that they should get the flu shot and tells users that mRNA vaccines don’t alter their DNA permanently.

“For example, ChatGPT accurately highlighted the indication for measles vaccination in low incidence settings, and discussed the potential benefits of male human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. However, the AI chatbot failed to acknowledge the suggested ACIP age cut-offs for HPV vaccination, or account for a specific individual’s situation such as how sexually active they are,” the ESCMID Global Congress said in a statement. “In addition, ChatGPT provided reassurances for people with an egg allergy and influenza vaccination, and addressed misconceptions around mRNA vaccination and permanent alterations in DNA with high accuracy. However, it did not offer the non-mRNA vaccine options for COVID-19, but did encourage further discussions with healthcare professionals.”

It has been pointed out that the establishment narrative on vaccine safety is riddled with half-truths and lies.

“The software responses in that study also confirmed that the vaccines had undergone rigorous safety testing, there was no evidence that pharmaceutical companies obscured any data about adverse effects, and “the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks,” The Defender said. “However, those responses contradict what is known about how the vaccines were rushed through the regulatory process and how vaccine makers overstated the efficacy and understated risks of the vaccines.”

Another outlet critical of vaccines has noted that ChatGPT is making unintelligent health decisions seem more intelligent.

“The silver lining in all this is that, for those paying attention, we are already ahead of the game. You now know that ChatGPT is artificial fake intelligence – or perhaps it is better described as artificial unintelligence, because there is nothing intelligent about getting vaccinated these days.” Natural News said. “There are so many resources now available that were once unavailable showing all the risks and harms caused by vaccine injections, and especially those being peddled on the masses for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). There is simply no excuse with everything that is out there to fall for any more vaccine scams, though the powers that be are trying with the use of ChatGPT.”

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