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EPA Issues Terror Alert: China, Russia & Iran Weigh Cyberattacks On US Drinking Water & Wastewater Systems

“Urgent cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to community drinking water systems,” being investigated.

According to the Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency, hostile nations are researching how they can potentially launch cyberattacks on America’s H20 infrastructure.

In a statement issued Monday, the agency explained there are “urgent cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to community drinking water systems.”

According to the press release, Biden’s National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) were the groups that warned the EPA.

Around 70% of U.S. water systems are reportedly not up to par with federal cybersecurity regulations laid out in the Safe Drinking Water Act.

EPA Deputy Administrator Janet McCabe told AP, “In many cases, systems are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, which is to have completed a risk assessment of their vulnerabilities that includes cybersecurity and to make sure that plan is available and informing the way they do business.”

There has already been an increase in cyberattacks on U.S. drinking and wastewater facilities, according to the federal government.

#ICYMI: Yesterday EPA issued an enforcement alert detailing alarming cyber vulnerabilities in drinking water systems across the country and providing information on immediate steps these systems can take to reduce vulnerabilities. https://t.co/L250OIRtpp

— NCSC (@NCSCgov) May 21, 2024

McCabe specifically named “China, Russia and Iran” as nations that are “actively seeking the capability to disable U.S. critical infrastructure, including water and wastewater.”

The EPA is now going to be increasing enforcement of regulations in what many would see as a positive move that should shore up the nation’s security vulnerabilities.

Is it possible the Deep State wants an excuse to enter water treatment locations across the nation to plant something or set up an adversary to be blamed in a false flag cyberattack?

EPA says it will step up regulation of water systems amid increase in cyberattacks https://t.co/CU1XM7Guhi

— Sean Lyngaas (@snlyngaas) May 21, 2024

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