Horst D. Deckert

Epic Fail: 9-Year-Old Girl Exposes Nikki Haley’s Campaign Grift


Girl revealed she only wore “Haley 2024” hat because Haley’s campaign staffers handed it to her for free.

Nikki Haley was left with egg on her face by a 9-year-old after trying to pull off a glowing TV moment for her campaign.

Haley on Monday addressed a young girl wearing Haley 2024 campaign apparel and told her, “I love your hat.”

“Thanks,” the girl replied, “One of your guys gave it to me for free.”

Haley: “I love your hat.”

Nine-year-old girl: “Thanks. One of your guys gave it to me for free.” pic.twitter.com/3XwgU8aWF4

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) November 20, 2023

The crowd then erupted in laughter.

The inadvertent yet brutal takedown perfectly showcases the astroturfing that establishment candidates like Haley need to deploy to generate the appearance of grassroots support.

The latest Fox News primary poll shows Haley 11%, far behind former President Donald Trump, the current frontrunner at 62%.

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