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FOIA Request Shows Secret Service DID Find DNA On Infamous White House Cocaine Baggie – Identity Kept In Evidence Vault


Secret Service and Biden admin caught lying to the public

The Secret Service and Biden White House lied to the public about DNA being found on the infamous baggie of cocaine found back in July, according to a recently filed Freedom of Information Act request.

The news broke during Tuesday night’s edition of Jesse Watters Primetime on Fox News.

After telling the masses no DNA was found on the baggie, the FOIA request revealed a person’s DNA was discovered on the cocaine bag and the identity is being kept secret in an evidence vault.

EXCLUSIVE: the Secret Service has responded to Primetime’s FOIA over the White House cocaine investigation. We now know they’ve been lying to you about everything.

After telling us they didn’t find any DNA and destroying the bag of coke, the documents tell us there’s three… pic.twitter.com/36b5jrAAD9

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) November 15, 2023

“They did find DNA on the baggie – it was processed and moved to an evidence vault for preservation,” Watters told his audience.

The back-and-forth stories from the Secret Service and Biden administration have left the American people suspicious of a cover-up and this new detail will surely only raise their concerns.

Since First Son Hunter Biden is a known drug addict many citizens believe he was the owner of the cocaine, which would also explain why details are being kept from the public.

Perhaps the culprit’s identity will one day be exposed.

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