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Geoengineering Goes Mainstream As Dubai Cloud Seeding Program Blamed For Historic Flooding


One year’s worth of rain hit the city in 24 hours

The world is being forced to acknowledge some of the negative effects of experimental weather manipulation operations underway around the globe.

Mainstream media outlets like Bloomberg News admitted the recent historic flooding in Dubai was worsened due to “cloud seeding.”

“Cloud seeding worsens flooding.”

Bloomberg attributes Dubai’s historic rain to man-made climate engineering. pic.twitter.com/jJfNuKim0r

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) April 17, 2024

Historic UAE storm may have been self-inflicted by cloud seeding, meteorologists claim https://t.co/h8bNR3nBnD pic.twitter.com/6VXLpyrJP3

— New York Post (@nypost) April 17, 2024

The UAE reportedly received a year’s worth of rain in 24 hours.

Dubai in the UAE was hit by flooding that submerged roads and vehicles and caused flights to be diverted after a reported 158mm of rain fell in 24 hours, equivalent to the typical yearly average. pic.twitter.com/kx93DT4TFC

— Al Jazeera English (@AJEnglish) April 17, 2024

Some media outlets were roasted for publishing conflicting reports about the event.

Mainstream media is conflicted on blaming cloud seeding for huge Dubai flood pic.twitter.com/768EVa595i

— An0maly (@LegendaryEnergy) April 17, 2024

Wired magazine published an article on Wednesday, titled, “No, Dubai’s Floods Weren’t Caused by Cloud Seeding.”

However, in 2020, Wired ran with the headline, “Bringing in the rain: Has the UAE’s cloud-seeding program gone too far?” in an article claiming “waterlogged streets and flooded malls” are prompting “questions over chemicals being pumped into the skies.”

The internet called out the scientific elite for playing with nature:

Dubai tried to control the weather with cloud seeding.

It backfired and caused massive flooding.

Perhaps Bill Gates plans to block out the sun is also a very bad idea…

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) April 17, 2024

Dubai has an awful rain storm and completely floods and climate doom mongers / shills say that it’s because of climate change and things that we plebs are doing…


The UAE f***s about with cloud seeding to make it rain, this is not natural. pic.twitter.com/tzyxxsaYzJ

— Adam Brooks AKA EssexPR 🇬🇧 (@EssexPR) April 17, 2024

Dubai airport looks like an apocalyptic movie. Videos of the flooding are insane.

I’ve seen some blaming climate change when the cause is actually from the use of weather modification.

Cloud seeding where chemicals are sprayed in clouds to create rain caused this. We recently… pic.twitter.com/AoejGxJNnt

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) April 16, 2024

Some People Have Claimed The Dubai Airport Floods May Have Been Caused By Cloud Seeding Gone Wrong

Joe Rogan “In the United Arab Emirates, they make it rain every week”

“A billionaire friend of mine who’s a legitimate billionaire told me that it’s entirely possible that some of… pic.twitter.com/iH6A1KY6fh

— Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes) April 17, 2024

Check out some footage from the wild storm below:

More eerie scenes from the exceptional storm that hit Dubai on April 16, 2024.

[📹 dd1etm21]pic.twitter.com/N7nbYG4nHs

— Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) April 17, 2024

Saving a stranded cat after the flash floods that hit Dubai International Airport on April 16, 2024.pic.twitter.com/NKFQj0vXqP

— Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) April 17, 2024

A Porsche in Dubai yesterday after the heavy rain👏 pic.twitter.com/nPySiH0C6A

— Tansu Yegen (@TansuYegen) April 17, 2024

WATCH: Dubai goes dark in the afternoon due to exceptional weather pic.twitter.com/J8ZaJJE9eg

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) April 16, 2024

Dubai’s historic flood in just 30 seconds. pic.twitter.com/gvfqzkurW2

— Prayag (@theprayagtiwari) April 17, 2024

Dubai Airport after the flood pic.twitter.com/YacYiaspAK

— S p r i n t e r F a c t o r y (@Sprinterfactory) April 17, 2024

Heavy rain pounded the Dubai emirate. Many parts of southern Arabian peninsula reported heavy rain. Dubai airport shutdown for a short period due to severe waterlogging pic.twitter.com/mLwbv6e3pw

— Tamil Nadu Geography (@TNGeography) April 16, 2024

After a whole night at the Dubai airport my gf managed to find a taxi (Tesla) to go home.

This is was on the highway pic.twitter.com/fTvMXbXMj3

— Levan | Aurory (@ezdarod) April 17, 2024

Not my video (as I’m not a woman) but this might be the maddest one I’ve seen of the Dubai floods pic.twitter.com/CpubIhuEY1

— marketsboi (@marketsboi) April 16, 2024

#Dubai storm just ramped up. Crazy windy pic.twitter.com/rLWzEBSna9

— Toby Cunningham (@sircryptotips) April 16, 2024

Dubai Hotel bar serves drinks!

Not all heroes wear capes. pic.twitter.com/ODNfW4jCnT

— Funny Bebo (@myfunnybebo) April 17, 2024

Scenes of current Dubai weather

— Science girl (@gunsnrosesgirl3) April 16, 2024

WATCH: Dubai sky turns green as heavy rains, thunderstorms hit UAE


— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) April 16, 2024

World’s biggest Mall , The Dubai Mall is submerged in Water and water is flowing like flood …

Those wannabe Indians and liberals who take a trip of this mall and mock India when heavy rains cause water logging at airports , must see the situation of the costliest and biggest… pic.twitter.com/lXUx8RbDvP

— Amitabh Chaudhary (@MithilaWaala) April 16, 2024

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