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George Soros’ Estate ‘Swatted’ Over Bogus Shooting Call


New York estate of infamous billionaire becomes scene of a potentially dangerous prank

The New York estate of infamous US billionaire George Soros became the scene of a potentially dangerous prank before New Year’s Eve.

Authorities were summoned to George Soros‘ Southampton mansion just before New Year’s Eve after a 911 call claimed that a deadly shooting had taken place.

According to the New York Post, an anonymous caller phoned 911 on the evening of December 30 claiming that he shot his wife and threatening to shoot himself.

The address provided by the caller led cops to a mansion belonging to Soros located on Old Town Road in Southampton Village, NY, where it quickly became apparent that the call was false.

“Spoke to security, searched the premises. It was [a] negative problem,” the newspaper quoted one of the officers who responded to the call as saying.

It was not immediately clear whether Soros himself or any of his family members were at the premises when the police arrived, the media outlet noted.

The term “swatting” is derived from the US’ Special Weapons and Tactics or SWAT unit for short. It means calling in a false emergency with the intent of harassing those at the address.

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