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Heritage Foundation President To WEF: ‘You’re Part Of The Problem’ & It’s ‘Absurd’ To Call Trump A Dictator

Dr. Kevin Roberts also exposed the elite’s global open border agenda to collapse Western nations like America

During a recent speech at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, The Herigate Foundation President Dr. Kevin Roberts scolded the unelected body for attempting to usurp the sovereignty of nations across the globe.

Dr. Roberts was invited to speak on a WEF panel Thursday where he used the opportunity to suggest the group is not doing a good job of protecting democracy and is instead a “part of the problem.”

“The very reason I’m here at Davos, is to explain to many people in this room and who are watching, with all due respect – nothing personal – that you are part of the problem,” he told the crowd of globalists. “Political elites tell the average people … that the reality is ‘x,’ when in fact, reality is ‘y.’”

A moderator asked Roberts what he thought about the WEF standing up for “liberal democracy” and he responded, “It’s laughable that you or anyone would describe Davos as ‘protecting liberal democracy.’”

He continued, saying, “Elites tell us that open borders and even illegal immigration are okay. The average person tells us in the United States that both rob them of the American way of life. Elites also tell us public safety isn’t a problem in big American cities. Just travel to New York or Washington or Dallas, Texas. The average person will tell you the lack of public safety damages not only the American way of life, but their life.”

“Elites tell us we have this existential crisis with so-called Climate Change. The solutions, the average person knows, cost more human lives – especially in Europe during the time that you need heating – than do the problems themselves,” he added.

Next, Dr. Roberts criticized the globalist group for cozying up to China when it is “the number one adversary to free people on planet Earth.”

When asked if he thinks Donald Trump will seek “retribution” against his political opponents, Roberts said it was “laughable” to use the word “dictatorship” when discussing Trump, saying, “I think that’s absurd.”

Near the end of his time speaking, Roberts told the forum, “I will be candid and say that the agenda that every single member of the [next] administration needs to have is to compile a list of everything that’s ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum and object to all of them wholesale.”

“Anyone not prepared to take away the power of unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people is unprepared to be part of the next conservative administration,” the Heritage Foundation head wrote on 𝕏.

Anyone not prepared to take away the power of unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people is unprepared to be part of the next conservative administration. #WEF24 pic.twitter.com/8hRtg9Qs9L

— Kevin Roberts (@KevinRobertsTX) January 18, 2024

Dr. Roberts joined Steve Bannon’s War Room Thursday to provide a preview of what he’d be saying to the globalists:

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