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High School Soccer Match Canceled After ’30 African Migrants’ Take Over NYC Field


Police require teams to produce permits – instead of removing foreign intruders

An organized soccer match between teams of high schoolers was abandoned this week after dozens of ‘African migrants’ took over the field and refused to leave – even after New York City police were called, according to reports.

The incident unfolded in the Big Apple on Sunday, but details were just made public this weekend.

Approximately 40 teen players showed up for a 5 p.m. game between the Manhattan Kickers and FA Euro New York at Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem.

However, a large group of “about 30 men who appeared to be African migrants and spoke little English” ignored requests to vacate the pitch, the New York Post reports.

“I directly asked them to leave and some of them kind of took it into consideration, but then four or five of them said, ‘You know what, f**k it, we don’t have to leave, we can do whatever we want,’” Kickers coach Erik Johansson told the Post.

Police were called, but instead of clearing out the Africans, they asked the teams to produce their city permits, which they did not have on hand.

“When you show up with two teams in uniform, a ref and two coaches, usually nobody is asking to see your permit,” Johansson said.

Eventually, the Kickers were able to locate and forward their permit to authorities, but the game had already been delayed and the teams deemed the environment unsafe.

“Even when the game is over, you don’t know if they’re waiting for you, so even if the cops kicked them out, it may not be over. So we just all agreed, this is too dangerous,” Johansson asserted.

Parents told Johansson they were disturbed by the episode and will not be playing any future games at the field.

Johansson is reportedly from Sweden and has experienced similar run-ins with migrants at soccer pitches in his home country.

“I have seen this before, I know how bad it can get,” he warned.

Fields at Thomas Jefferson Park have reportedly become even more crowded and in-demand after facilities on nearby Randall’s Island were absorbed into a large shelter for thousands of illegal aliens.

InfoWars has been documenting mounting chaos in New York City caused by the surge of illegal migrants since early 2022.

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