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Houthi Spox Writes ‘Death to America, Death to Israel, F**k the Jews’ On X — But Alex Jones Still Banned For Being Mean To Oliver Darcy

Elon Musk needs to fully restore free speech if he really wants to help save America

A spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi rebels, Hezam al-Asad, posted a message to X on Sunday advocating for the death of Americans and Israelis.

The Arabic message reads, “Allah is the greatest. Grow up and raise your cry, God’s promise has come. Allah is the greatest. Death to America. Death to Israel. Fuck the Jews. Victory for Islam.”

الله أكبر
كبروا وأرفعوا الصرخة قد جاء وعد الله
الله أكبر
الموت لأمريكا
الموت لإسرائيل
اللعنة على اليهود
النصر للإسلام

— حزام الأسد (@hezamalasad) November 19, 2023

See a screenshot of the translated post below:

While the X post clearly violates the social media site’s policies on inciting violence, it remains posted on al-Asad’s page.

In the meantime, Infowars founder Alex Jones has been barred from using X since August 2018.

Many people still think Jones was kicked off Twitter, now X, for either promoting “fake news” or for his remarks about the Sandy Hook shooting.

However, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey removed Jones for “abusive behavior” after he hilariously trolled Dorsey and CNN reporter Oliver Darcy in the halls of Congress.

“Look at those eyes right there,” Jones to Darcy’s face. “If you wanna see the eyes of a rat… look at those eyes. He’s even more evil-looking in person. You just call everybody’s sponsors to get them to dump them, you’re working with Media Matters and the Nazi collaborator George Soros smiling like a possum that crawled out of the rear end of a dead cow.”

Jones even predicted Darcy would run to Twitter, complain he was bullied by Jones and try to get him deplatformed!

Jones roamed the U.S. Capitol in 2018 during congressional hearings to confront some of the Big Tech executives who had already banned him from their platforms.

YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify were among those who had removed Jones before the congressional testimony took place.

Jones told mainstream media reporters at the Capitol, “I am here because there is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and Big Tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices ahead of this critical midterm election.”

Now, thanks to Elon Musk’s release of The Twitter Files, citizens of the world have access to the internal messages of Twitter employees showing collusion with Democrat politicians and intel agencies to silence specific accounts for strictly political reasons.

CLICK HERE to watch the full video of Jones’ 2018 Washington, D.C. trip.

So, Jones mocking the ex-Twitter CEO and a CNN reporter was enough to have him removed from X, but the Houthi rebel spokesman promoting the murder of Americans and Israelis is allowed to remain on the site.

With Musk claiming to be an absolutist regarding free speech, this blatant hypocrisy should not stand.

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