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Jon Stewart to Return to ‘The Daily Show’ For 2024 Election Cycle


Liberal comedian to host Comedy Central show once a week to counter conservative media ahead of 2024 election.

Vaunted liberal comedian Jon Stewart is set to return to host “The Daily Show” one night a week through the 2024 election cycle.

Eight years after stepping down from the once-popular late-night show, Comedy Central’s parent company announced that he will reprise his role as part-time host and producer.

“Jon Stewart is the voice of our generation, and we are honored to have him return to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to help us all make sense of the insanity and division roiling the country as we enter the election season,” said Chris McCarthy, President/CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios. 

Here it is, your Moment of Zen pic.twitter.com/Y6AFBkJtOx

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) January 24, 2024

“In our age of staggering hypocrisy and performative politics, Jon is the perfect person to puncture the empty rhetoric and provide much-needed clarity with his brilliant wit.”

The remaining slots for the week will be hosted by its correspondents, who include Desi Lydic, Michael Kosta, Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper.

This comes after his Apple TV+ series “The Problem with Jon Stewart” was canceled last year as a result of clashes between Stewart and the tech company over its coverage of China and AI stories.

Stewart hosted the show for 16 years before stepping down in 2015, when he passed the torch to South African comic Trevor Noah.

Though Stewart pushes typical liberal talking points about gun control, transgenderism, and critical race theory, the liberal comedian has also been attacked by the left for admonishing the mainstream media for dismissing the COVID lab leak theory.

Nevertheless, leftists on social media were giddy to see the return of Stewart in the age of Trump.

Whoa. Amazing. @jonstewart on Trump, something we didn’t get in 2016 or 2020. https://t.co/ozVBl2qdJa

— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) January 24, 2024

The sense of calm that just washed over me.

We needed this. The man who lit the way and galvanized an entire generation in the dark times of bitter elections, war, and fascism.

Let’s go.

— 🔥Amy Nemmity🔥 (@AmyNemmity) January 24, 2024

Taylor Swift and Jon Stewart ….. what more do we need. The 2024 election is already won. I am calling it, folks.

— ϽΓΣⱤẛ∁ (@CholericCleric) January 24, 2024

Jon Stewart back on The Daily Show we wonpic.twitter.com/XEvtRJRmHL

— Kelli Boyle (@kellixboyle) January 24, 2024

Dear god please let Trump accidentally accept to come on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show pic.twitter.com/kqazSh7ur2

— Evan Smith (@IAmEvanSmerth) January 24, 2024

Surely he will be the one to finally stop Trump!

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