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LONG TERM DEATHS: Dr. McCullough Calls For 5-15 Year Follow-up on Covid Gene Therapy Injection Side Effects


Acclaimed doctor predicts shot deaths will continue for a long time.

On a Tuesday episode of Real America’s Voice with Michelle Backus, Dr. Peter McCullough discussed the need for long term follow-up examinations and studies to be conducted on the Covid vaccinated due to the gene-therapy nature of the injections.

McCullough was referencing the the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research’s (CBER) document outlining the fact that gene therapy products may very well cause side effects long after they have been administered.

“The Agency advised sponsors to observe subjects for delayed adverse events for as long as 15 years following exposure to the investigational GT product, specifying that the LTFU observation should include a minimum of five years of annual examinations, followed by ten years of annual queries of study subjects, either in person or by questionnaire,” the FDA document said on page 4.

Backus asked McCullough if we even know the true extent to which the Covid injections will cause massive side effects, as not that much time had passed since the majority of the world was injected with the exotic technology.

“When I testified before the U.S. House of Representatives this year I told them, at least five years of concern, maybe as long as 15, because most people took genetic, or messenger RNA vaccines,” McCullough said. “These appear to last in the body a very long time producing the dangerous spike protein.”

The doctor went on to discuss the litany of serious side effects that the Covid spike protein causes.

Backus agreed that there will be long term effects from the gene therapy injections.

“I know we won’t see the full implications for at least another 10, 15, 20 years,” she said, then asking about fertility and pregnancy.

“The news is not good,” the doctor said, going on to list a number of studies on the topic, indicating massive effects on fertility and pregnancy. “Invariably, the vaccines will drop the chances of getting pregnant and fertility.”

The U.S. FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) has designated a follow-up period of 5 to 15 years for novel genetic products, such as the COVID-19 mRNA injections, to observe for any adverse effects that might emerge in the exposed population over time.… pic.twitter.com/FtMfyrqZwk

— McCullough Foundation (@McCulloughFund) May 29, 2024

After talking about how the vaccines were not safe, they went on to discuss how they were also not effective either.

Treatment-wise, McCullough called the vaccines a ‘disaster’ as they forced the virus to continue mutating, prolonging the pandemic.

“Early treatment’s the way to go,” he said, referencing products he recommends by The Wellness Company, whom he is the Chief Scientific Officer of.

Other doctors, such as Dr. Ben Marble, have also warned about a long future of deaths stemming from the ‘lethal injections’.

The Covid shots are known to increase in lethality after repeated doses, increase Covid infection rates, result in insane and gross turbo cancersreproductive destructioncause miscarriagesparalyzation, increase excess death rates, autoimmune disorders in the thyroid, as well as deadly headaches, seizures and heart inflammation in addition to a multitude of serious ailments seen in massive population studies and contain hundreds of times the allowable levels of DNA contamination leading to mutagenic effects, as well as likely permanently altering the DNA of the vaccinated and their offspring.

In the U.S. the CDC recommends all Americans receive their Covid shot and that young children receive extra, while Canada recommends another Covid shot for the pregnant, indigenous, ‘racialized’ & ‘equity-deserving’.

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