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Medical Professionals Discuss ‘White Clots’ in The Vaccinated

Even a doctor who says he’s not ‘anti-vax’ reports that Covid vaccines cause deadly heart and blood side effects.

Medical doctor, vascular surgeon and professor Sherif Sultan, who says he’s not ‘anti-vax’, joined Dr. John Campbell in an interview Wednesday where they discussed the nature of the mysterious ‘white clots’ that are being found in the bodies of the Covid vaccinated.

“The white clot, meaning that there’s a lot of platelet aggregation, so when the patient gets his vaccination in his arm, unfortunately if it goes through a vein in his arm this will circulate and cause the antibody reaction and the vasculitis that I’m telling you about,” Sultan said. “The first effect on it is the platelet, and when you have aggregation of the platelet it’s always a white clot.”

Campbell proposed that the white clots may contain abnormal ‘amyloid’ proteins in addition to platelets.

“There’s clearly an increase in the micro-clotting, that’s what the embalmers call dirty blood where you have lots of little clots, but there’s also the white amyloid-based clots,” Campbell said.

Sultan said that cardiac amyloidosis (depositing of the protein amyloid in the cardiac muscle) is untreatable, and lifespan after diagnosis is about 18 to 24 months. Cardiac amyloidosis can be caused by the covid vaccination, according to Sultan.

Sultan said he’s seen clotting (acute thrombotic events) after the booster rollout that he’s never seen before.

“The was a huge push for a booster vaccination, and whenever this huge push was happening in 2021, 2022, we had a major surge of acute thrombotic events because of this,” he said.

He also mentioned that for the last six months they have not been seeing that clotting phenomenon because people are not currently being vaccinated for Covid, but said it may start up again due to another booster being on the way.

Sultan that they now call the phenomenon ‘vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia’, and that it has became extremely common in the covid-vaccinated.

Sultan also discussed the phenomenon of brain fog after the Covid vaccine is due to types of clots in the vascular system of the brain.

Sultan said that boosters can be especially harmful to those who already have a lot of antibodies from previous covid vaccines.

While Sultan didn’t warn people to not get the shots, he specifically said people can get it if they want it, but with informed consent, and that he did not want patients to be deceived into getting it without knowing all the risks. He did mention that there’s no proof of the vaccine’s safety.

“Now they’re asking people above 80 to get the booster vaccination, ‘excellent’, so what sort of scientific evidence do you have, get the shots and advise, just show me a published paper telling us that above-80 will benefit, you will not get Bells-palsy, you will not get Gillian-barre, you will not get the stroke, there’s nothing,” he said. “So I’m not saying don’t take it, but we must have scientific evidence to tell us that it’s good to be given and there’ll be no harm to this patient.”

At the end of the video, Sultan said that people with heart issues should be extremely cautious about getting booster shots for Covid, and healthy individuals should not take them at all in order to not risk it. He also said he’s not ‘anti-vax’ and is just discussing the science.

“Currently, knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you get the more powerful you are,” Sultan said. “And that’s why the politicians have all the knowledge they can, they have a lot of advisors, but unfortunanty they use it in the wrong way.”

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