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MMA Fighter: Pfizer’s Covid Booster Shot Killed My Mom


UFC light heavyweight fighter Anthony Smith recounted how mother suffered stroke in days following Covid-19 booster vaccination that proved to be fatal.

An MMA fighter blames Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for causing the death of his mother, who died from a stroke shortly after receiving a booster jab.

Speaking to the Believe You Me podcast, UFC light heavyweight fighter Anthony Smith recounted how his mother suffered a stroke in the days following a Covid-19 booster vaccination that proved to be fatal, and that he himself – a completely healthy athlete at the top of his game – also developed a blood clot after taking a shot.

MMA fighter Anthony Smith says his mom passed immediately after getting her booster & he got blood clots from the Covid vaccine he got to keep his job.

They were discussing a young fighter who had recently had a heart attack during training which lead to brain injuries. pic.twitter.com/1fhytHBNWC

— An0maly (@LegendaryEnergy) July 2, 2023

Smith was discussing another young person’s heart attack with show host Michael Bisping when he noted, “I mean anytime there’s a young person that has any kind of heart problems or strokes or things like that, I kind of point in one direction…straight to vaccinations every time.”

Encouraged to continue going down the Covid vaccine rabbit hole, Smith detailed, “So you know when my mom passed, right? It was she got sick immediately after getting her booster. Like, she was fairly healthy, but she got sick immediately after that.”

“So she got her booster and was in a coma in like two weeks,” he said, adding, “So, I’ve always kind of thought like, I don’t know, it just doesn’t make any sense. Like that was really weird, right?”

Smith went on to say he suspected Pfizer could be behind his mom’s untimely demise after studies showed the shots were causing strokes in elderly people.

“And then recently Pfizer came out and said in people over 60 on their final booster, they had to come out and say that there was a higher risk of stroke. Well, that’s essentially what ended up happening to my mom. So I’ve always connected those two things,” he said.

Smith went on to say he believes the entire vaccine campaign “was absolute bullshit now,” and added he too suffered an adverse reaction following a jab.

“And listen, I’ll be the first to admit. And I’m vaccinated, and then I end up with a blood clot. What are the chances of that? Like…I’ve never had any issues at all. I’m really, really healthy. And then, you know…”

Despite the Covid vaccine rollout being a monumental failure, succeeding only in harming and killing people, the global cabal behind the nefarious jabs continues to push them on the unsuspecting public with the help of the media and corporate establishment. It’s up to us, the informed, to help others wake up.

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