Horst D. Deckert

Netanyahu Promotes Plan to Ban Meat & Force Human Slaves to Eat Bioblobs


The Israeli government has taken the place of Nazi research doctor Josef Mengele with the introduction of bioengineered meat for consumption by Jews not already exterminated by the forced Covid shots.

On the Wednesday show, Alex Jones covered news that Netanyahu’s Israel is in the process of setting up industrial-scale so-called ‘meat’ factories for their guinea pig population.

“It’s just like the airport where there’s no waiter, no humans, it’s like robots making it, you type it into a computer,” Jones said. “Releasing steaks at an industrial pace, THEY’RE NOT STEAKS!”

Jones went on to discuss how there’s copious regulations on beef, but not on fake meat, as well as the fact the FDA in the U.S. has legalized nanotech to be added to food.

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