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NHS Doctor Endorses Surgery To Allow Patients To Have Male and Female Genitalia at the Same Time


Top British doctor claims surgical hermaphroditism will be a “standard” procedure

A doctor in a National Health Service transgender clinic in the UK has given his support for strange new surgical procedures that would allow patients to have male and female genitalia at the same time—or have none at all.

The doctor expressed his support for these procedures in unredacted leaked messages that were obtained by Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

The messages show that doctors, including Jonathan Arcelus, professor in mental health and transgender health at the University of Nottingham, are discussing and giving their support for even more radical surgical transformations that are not currently allowed by the NHS.

The unredacted messages come from a broader tranche of material leaked from the World Profssional Association for Transgender Health, whose guidance influences the NHS’s stance approach to transgender treatment. Investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger leaked the messages last month.

These new messages are taken from an internal WPATH message board where professional members discuss treatments. One thread described the Telegraph opens with a member noting how they have “found more and more patients recently requesting ‘non-standard’ procedures such as top surgery without nipples, nullification, and phallus-preserving vaginoplasty.”

Professor Arcelus responded that he believed these procedures may become standard in the near future, and so different terminology should be used to describe them.

“WPATH is an organization of activists who’s not basing their so-called ‘standards of care’ on any credible science. The foundation that so much of this has been built on is a foundation of lies, and it’s crumbling down.” – @EricSell @RitaPanahi @SkyNews pic.twitter.com/l8m5SJkQ6P

— Center for American Liberty (@Liberty_Ctr) April 11, 2024

These new revelations come at a time of intense scrutiny of transgenderism, its diagnosis and treatment in the UK. The Cass Review on the NHS’s approach to transgenderism, chaired by Dr Hillary Cass, was released this week. The Review was commissioned by NHS England nearly four years ago in response to the ongoing rise in individuals receiving diagnosis and treatment for transgenderism.

The Review concludes that children are being failed by the NHS, because of lack of meaningful data on the condition itself and on treatment. Cass criticises the focus on medical interventions—surgery in particular but also the use of hormone blockers to prevent puberty in children and teenagers—and describes how clinicians have become “fearful” due to the deeply politicised nature of transgenderism.

“We’ve let them down because the research isn’t good enough and we haven’t got good data,” Cass said in an interview with The Guardian.

“The toxicity of the debate is perpetuated by adults, and that itself is unfair to the children who are caught in the middle of it. The children are being used as a football and this is a group that we should be showing more compassion to.”

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