Horst D. Deckert

NWO Minions Crash And Burn


Will some of the global elite finally be brought to justice?

Corruption has run its course.

It’s 2024 and the Biden administration minions are inevitably being fed to the wolves. In hubris-riddled desperation, Hunter Biden yet again stormed the Hill to defend his privileged outpost as the bag man in a foreign pay-to-play family business scheme tied to the goals of the New World Order.

The child-man byproduct of a lifetime surrounded by federal goons and philandering politicians took his Benedict Arnold dog and pony show to his contempt of congress hearing to face a Country that is disgusted by the contents of his laptop.

Hunter held out as Democrats praised him, only to feverishly race for the exits once the rhetoric hurt the child man’s ears.

Despite Hunter’s inept efforts, the House Oversight and Judiciary committees each passed contempt charges against Hunter.

In an unprecedented outcome, the House will vote on recommending criminal charges against the child of a sitting U.S. President as the GOP enters the final stages of an impeachment inquiry into the president himself.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Mayorkas – dubbed “The architect of the devastation” – finally garnered an impeachment proceeding that laid out the brutal facts against him.

This game of semantics Mayorkas is playing is coming to an end. Mayorkas should be investigated further as to his knowledge and involvement in the massive foreign criminal operations infiltrating the American heartland under his watch.

The mockingbird media and the Uniparty establishment would have us all believe that this is merely business as usual. Just two sides of the aisle muckraking as the Election season ramps up. However, Hunter Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are far more than pawns caught in the political storm. They are minions of a strategic globalist mafia threat to U.S. sovereignty commonly known as the New World Order. And they have each succeeded in harming the future and security of the Republic of the United States of America.

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