Horst D. Deckert

Old Yeller’s Hatred For Americans Will Be His Undoing


You cannot lead a group of people you despise

While the country is set on a course for imminent collapse, Old Yeller staggers forward with his job approval rating at 33%.

His campaign of delusion leaning on abortion, paranoid fantasies of threats to Democracy and the backing of Union workers while waging war on the technologically driven workforce of 70 million independent contractors, a boneheaded move that can only further damage the future of the shrinking American economy while his plan to bail out student loans crashed and burned. Old Yeller limps ever forward, begging to be fact-checked as he barks one lie after another.

Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years. Consumer prices are up nearly 14%. Gasoline is up 39.1%. And while an infinite number of illegals line up to receive health insurance, The number of American citizens without health insurance went down by 4.2 million. The trade deficit continues to set new records. Publicly held debt is up 13.7%, even as annual deficits have declined. And the amount of citizens on food stamps has increased.

Adding to old yellers’ inevitable reckoning with the data, his main handler, Barack Obama, is reportedly panicking. Begging cranky Joe to drop out while frantically playing musical chairs with his aides.

Old yeller hasn’t just angered Maga Republicans with vitriol aimed at millions of regular Americans. Old yeller has managed to anger disgusted parents, foreign dignitaries, minorities, Democrats, Independents and everyday Americans. Old yeller has even angered American providence itself. And if the old codger has a shred of faith in his heart, he may have a dim clue that he is gonna get what’s coming to him from God Almighty before the Biden Shit Show drives off a cliff. That said, Old Yeller’s tenure has proven one thing. The compromised Uniparty Sex Club known as Congress is ill-prepared to deal with the overwhelming sabotage of the United States from within.

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