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Panic Mode! White House & Media Rush To Claim Biden DID NOT Freeze Onstage With Obama

Democrats sharing edited video to make the odd pause seem shorter

Joe Biden awkwardly froze onstage over the weekend, and the entire political establishment is freaking out.

Basically telling their gaslit supporters to not believe their own eyes, Democrats online are claiming Biden’s bizarre freeze “did not happen.”

Watch the original video clip below, showing Barack Obama grab Biden’s hand to escort him offstage after the senile Democrat paused for almost ten seconds.

That’s a wrap on record-setting Democratic fundraiser for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign (netting $28M). Former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden offer final waves to Peacock Theater crowd as Obama then grabs Biden’s hand to lead him offstage following 40-minute… pic.twitter.com/xbE2jf3jdz

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) June 16, 2024

In unison, just about every pro-Biden influencer echoed the White House claim that Sleepy Joe didn’t suddenly freeze before being grabbed by Obama.

Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg listed six prominent Democrats pushing the narrative.

HAPPENING NOW: Left-wing influencers say the following video does *not* show Biden freezing up and being led off stage by Obama.

David Hogg: “For the record this did not happen and is a total lie.”

Harry Sisson: “MAGA IS LYING AGAIN. The new lie is that Biden had to be “led off… pic.twitter.com/CXMVoVywV3

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) June 17, 2024

The Biden White House is calling the video a “cheap fake,” and alleging it was “deceptively edited.”

It turns out the footage being shared by Democrats is the video with deceptive editing as the camera angle jumps to a far away shot in the middle of Biden’s freeze.


The new lie is that Biden had to be “led off stage” by Obama and that he “froze” but that is COMPLETELY FALSE! This video shows what actually happened and is not some selectively edited garbage. The lies don’t stop from MAGA. pic.twitter.com/7LmnVL0kYW

— Harry Sisson (@harryjsisson) June 16, 2024

The political establishment will have its hands full trying to cover for the bumbling dolt in office as the 2024 presidential election approaches, and it would likely be impossible to run cover for another four years.

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