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Police Issue Alert as Criminals Target Trader Joe’s In Bay Area


String of robberies at grocery market chain popular with middle to upper class shoppers

Authorities in a California city are warning local residents about thieves targeting shoppers at Trader Joe’s markets in the Bay Area.

Police in Livermore, a city located approximately 35 miles from Oakland, issued an alert regarding a string of robberies that have taken place at the chain of grocery stores popular with many middle to upper class shoppers.

“We recently came across a crime trend that we wanted to share with our community. Recently there have been wallet thefts that have occurred at other Trader Joe stores in the Tri-Valley,” the Livermore Police Department (LPD) explained in a post on social media.

“In these crimes, wallets were taken from unattended shopping carts or open purses while victims were shopping in the store.”

LPD issued a list of tips to help shoppers protect themselves, including avoiding leaving valuables or belongings unattended inside the store and ‘trusting your instincts’ about ‘suspicious behavior.’

“Keep your wallet in a secure location, preferably in a front pocket or a closed or zipped bag that’s close to your body,” LPD urged.

Multiple Facebook users speculated that the thieves may be illegal aliens, with one woman saying she was recently robbed at a Whole Foods in Sacramento by a “foreign woman.”

Businesses have been plagued by an explosion of crime in the Bay Area, which is driving many to close to move away.

Last month, thieves in Oakland were seen dragging a stolen Bank of America ATM behind a van during a heist that unfolded just blocks away from the only In-N-Out eatery in the city – which is closing due to unbridled lawlessness in the area.

InfoWars has been documenting the surge of crime across the United States, including carjackings‘street takeovers,’ smash-and-grab loot mobshome invasions, and physical attacks on innocent victims.

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