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Pretty „shieldmaiden“ Eva Vlaardingerbroek: „hard-working, faithful and self-sufficient“ farmers stand in the way of Great Reset

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | Eva Vlaardingerbroek studied law at the University of Utrecht and the LMU Munich and completed her Master’s degree in Leiden with a thesis in legal philosophy on the „contractualisation of sex in the MeToo era“. She was fifth in the list of parliamentary candidates for Thierry Baudet’s „Forum voor Democratie“, but there was a falling out and she resigned from the party. According to Wikipedia, she dated Baudet for a time and was with Julien Rochedy, a politician of the „Rassemblement National“, for a year. Now she is engaged to Will Witt [link], a Christian influencer on the conservative media platform PragerU (Prague University).

Most recently, the charming and intelligent lawyer is passionately advocating with Tucker Carson for the „hard-working, faithful and self-sufficient“ Dutch farmers who stand in the way of the Great Reset.

The „little milkmaid“

commonsensetv.nl; Eva Vlaardingerbroek

She used to be vilified by the mainstream as the „shieldmaiden of the far right“, now after her plea for farmers, she is the „little milkmaid“ or equal to „Hitler’s wife“, according to 25-year-old Vlaardingerbroek. In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News (7/7/2022), she explains what farmers are really about and why they are fighting so doggedly.

🇳🇱 The Dutch MSM used to call me “the shieldmaiden of the far right”. Now after my plea for our farmers on @TuckerCarlson they’ve moved on to “little milk maiden” and Hitler’s wife. Seems like they still don’t realize that their name calling game won’t intimidate me into silence.

— Eva Vlaardingerbroek (@EvaVlaar) July 9, 2022

TK: What is this about and what do you think it means?

EV: Very simply Tucker, it’s about the Dutch government stealing our farmers‘ land. And they are doing this under the pretext of the contrived nitrogen crisis. And this will cost most of these farmers their livelihood. Fortunately, the Dutch farmers are not accepting this, they are taking to the streets, they are blockading distribution centres. They are blocking the highways, they are fighting back and they are right, it’s their life’s work, they don’t know what to do, they are desperate about what the government is doing this is not because of a nitrogen crisis, they are doing this because they want the farmers‘ land and they want it to accommodate more immigrants. They also want it because farmers are standing in the way of their Great Reset plans that they have for us. Farmers are hard working, faithful, self-sufficient people who stand in the way of the globalist agenda. This is even driving many farmers to suicide. There is only one name for what our government under Mark Rutte is doing now and that is communism.

TK: Messing around with food production leads to a food crisis and then hunger, you see it in developing countries, thanks to climate activism and the war in Ukraine. Are ordinary citizens who are not farmers worried about what happens when you shut down farms?

EV: Absolutely, they understand, no farmers, no food and that’s why the farmers blocked the distribution centres, because after a few hours you saw that the supermarkets were empty. The ordinary people understand, only the state doesn’t seem to understand or doesn’t want to understand and the police reacted in an extremely violent way. As you saw, they even shot a 16 year old boy, these are not the things you should see in free western countries, especially when they are directed against peaceful protesters. But it is happening, not just the Dutch, but everybody in the world, especially you in America should support our Dutch farmers, because it could happen to you. That’s why I’m wearing this scarf, it’s become the symbol of resistance of the peasants and they are so brave and they have the man power to do this, so they deserve all your support.

TK: We should worry about the important things, food supply is the most important thing. We thank you for the explanation. Thank you very much for the interview.

The original English version of the interview is here [linked].

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