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Pro-Palestine Protestors Clash With NYPD


Middle East conflict comes to the U.S. after funding bill passes Congress.

Mobs of protestors waving Palestinian flags in America have clashed with New York City police Monday night while protesting the U.S. funding of Israel in their genocide against Gaza.

Footage shows torch-wielding demonstrators with face masks obscuring their identities marching toward NYPD headquarters.

Now the mob is marching to the NYPD Headquarters!
Call in the National Guard! pic.twitter.com/r079Gk9ADz

— 🇺🇸ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) April 23, 2024

Protestors erected tents in Gould Plaza which police subsequently tore down.

Good Morning X-Land.

Last night the NYPD didn’t mess around. They tore through a tent encampment, arrested resisting protesters as well as at least a dozen faculty members at Gould Plaza.

This morning police stand guard outside police headquarters while protesters stand around… pic.twitter.com/ibSxIj3dN4

— SweetPeaBelle (@SweetPeaBell326) April 23, 2024

Many protestors were arrested.


America is becoming a Police State in real time.

Zionism has forced them to throw away the First Amendment pic.twitter.com/Kci1l4Xyss

— Sulaiman Ahmed (@ShaykhSulaiman) April 23, 2024

Law enforcement pepper sprayed their way through crowds blocking police busses transporting recently arrested protesters.

Pro-Palestine extremists just tried to block an NYPD bus carrying criminals from the NYU encampment.

NYPD responded by pepper spraying the extremists and the bus got through.pic.twitter.com/tJoDzSDNtH

— Paul A. Szypula 🇺🇸 (@Bubblebathgirl) April 23, 2024

Many protestors were allegedly students, and the demonstrations centered around New York University and Columbia University.

Students in the USA🇺🇸 in revolt against the Gaza genocide:

New York University students descend on NYPD HQ to protest the arbitrary arrests of students at the Gaza solidarity encampment

With every horrifying video that comes out of Gaza, the revulsion of the US population… pic.twitter.com/hRWfQ9zLr4

— Afshin Rattansi (@afshinrattansi) April 23, 2024

“Fuck the police! Fuck the police!”

Here’s some more footage from tonight after NYPD officers arrested multiple NYU students and faculty peacefully protesting. pic.twitter.com/NeoWAXwkip

— Luis.Documents🧢 (@mfsgottenshook) April 23, 2024

NYPD have torn down the encampments and made mass arrests at Columbia. pic.twitter.com/TRR68DU2ry

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) April 23, 2024

🇺🇸 Columbia University stands with Palestine 🇵🇸 pic.twitter.com/K5pibkqcCP

— Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) April 23, 2024

Pro-Israel protestors have countered the pro-Palestine protestors, calling for National Guard to be deployed against what they referred to as terrorists.

if Shai Davidai had been black, LGBT, hispanic, Muslim, Arab, Palestinian, and demanded the National Guard and FBI be sent to colleges to arrest, torture and kill “white supremacist transphobe Zionist anti-black racists”, not only would be he fired in 1 second, but the entire… pic.twitter.com/zmr0fr8Rll

— ☀️👀 (@zei_squirrel) April 22, 2024

Shai Davidai is demanding THE NATIONAL GUARD come in to violently disperse the Gaza Solidarity Encampment. How the fuck does this guy still have a job? pic.twitter.com/5ube62oEwC

— Victims of Capitalism Memorial Foundation (@karaokecomputer) April 19, 2024

At Columbia University, protestors praised the Islamic God Allah.

“There is no god but Allah and martyr is beloved of Allah”, Columbia University students shout. What does Allah have to do with war between Israel and Palestine? Maybe they want a holy war in USA? pic.twitter.com/kUyFRQoDiw

— RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) April 23, 2024

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