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Rudy Giuliani Served Indictment at His 80th Birthday Party


The former New York mayor was celebrating with friends when he was served with the indictment

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani was served with a fresh indictment, from Arizona, during his 80th birthday party, in Palm Beach.

According to witnesses who spoke to The New York Post, the former New York mayor’s birthday party, which was being held at a friend’s house, was stormed “like it was Normandy,” at around 11pm on Friday night.

As many as 200 people had been at the party at its height, including Steve Bannon and Roger Stone, but the number had dropped to about 75 when two officials from Arizona’s attorney general’s office entered the party and served Giuliani papers alleging his part, along with 17 others, in a plan to overturn the 2020 election. The charges include fraud, forgery and conspiracy.

After receiving the indictment, Giuliani left the party.

“While crime in Arizona is at an all-time high the Arizona Secretary of State’s office felt it was a good use of resources to send multiple agents across the country to storm an 80th birthday party like it was Normandy,” said Caroline Wren, a GOP consultant and host of the party.

“It’s unfortunate that they chose to barge up and startle guests during a celebration of this man’s 80th birthday,” Ted Goodman, one of Giuliani’s political advisors, told The Post.

“They could’ve shown a little more respect for the man who comforted the nation following September 11th and who stands up for law enforcement and the men and women in blue.”

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