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Satanic Baphomet, Demons Spotted in King Charles Painting

Social media users claimed painting intentionally meant to represent throne’s allegiance to Satan.

Social media users examining King Charles’ official portrait spotted satanic symbols they believe may have been intentionally inserted to represent the British throne’s allegiance to Satan.

The unveiling of King Charles’ first official portrait on Tuesday sparked a massive discussion about the artist’s fiery red rendition.

Image credit: AARON CHOWN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Image credit: AARON CHOWN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Many on social media claimed the painting contained more than meets the eye, pointing out when the image is mirrored, flipped upside-down and the distorted images are placed side-by-side, it produces a bizarre effect revealing demonic shapes, including the appearance of a satanic baphomet.

I’ve seen others post about this. So I tried it myself – YES it’s real, BAPHOMET

Mirror one of the images, and piece them together. Look closely

Then also flip that image upside down, look closely

Then also piece together on opposite sides, and look

0.00% this is coincidence pic.twitter.com/vWOpy7vU2x

— Jimmy Corsetti (@BrightInsight6) May 15, 2024

They tell you what they’re doing, they show you who they are… baphomet is clearly seen in these photos.. interestingly enough the brand All Saints has baphomet as a logo 🥴which looks a lot like the mirrored image of Charles pic.twitter.com/bAWGvOo95W

— Choc Bloc (@chez8080) May 15, 2024

Am I the only one who thought of this when they saw King Charles’ new portrait? pic.twitter.com/F43K45SVdU

— Jono Tan (@jonotan86) May 15, 2024

If you mirror the image of King Charles’ portrait notice the figure in the middle

Hidden in plain sight pic.twitter.com/GscljFzvV7

— Vision4theBlind (@Vision4theBlind) May 15, 2024

Zoom in the center and it’s clear as day 👀 pic.twitter.com/20rSLcvP2y

— Jeremy (@JeremyJPatino_) May 15, 2024

BAPHOMET pic.twitter.com/WI8WRwmrkY

— David Nwawe (@ThisDaeve) May 15, 2024

Double Mirrored😱 pic.twitter.com/oStmi9hpEU

— Truthseeker (@Xx17965797N) May 15, 2024

ONCE YOU SEE IT, YOU CAN’T UNSEE IT‼️ pic.twitter.com/yIR5Nk1d0Z

— Matt Wallace (@MattWallace888) May 15, 2024

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the baphomet is an “invented pagan or gnostic idol or deity that the Templars were accused of worshipping and that was later embraced by various occult and mystical writers.”

The painting also led to a few memes.

Couldn’t resist 😏 @bobscartoons pic.twitter.com/8Ff2L38gbm

— Oracle Films (@OracleFilmsUK) May 14, 2024

We fixed it 😂
with @MAGADevilDog & @itsreallyleah
–Dilley Meme Team pic.twitter.com/IKc6SkNBwV

— drefanzor memes (@drefanzor) May 14, 2024

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