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Shock Video: Driver Tries to Run Down Shirtless Man on NYC Sidewalk


Sedan plows onto busy NYC sidewalk multiple times during wild road rage incident

A wild road rage incident involving a driver who plowed onto a sidewalk while apparently trying to run down a shirtless man was captured on camera this week in New York City.

The shocking incident reportedly unfolded in Manhattan on Monday in broad daylight.

Social media account WhatIsNewYork published footage sent in by a follower with limited information.

Someone submitted this wild video from yesterday with no details. Took place on W 39th st. Whoa. #whatisnewyork pic.twitter.com/eBOPpulVBB

— WhatIsNewYork (@whatisny) April 23, 2024

“Someone submitted this wild video from yesterday with no details. Took place on W 39th st. Whoa,” WhatIsNewYork wrote in the post.

In the video, the driver of a white sedan appears to aim a white sedan at a shirtless man before crashing into nearby dumpsters on the sidewalk.

The man and another male sprint away as a crowd of pedestrians scatter.

The sedan rockets down a bike lane against oncoming traffic before hopping the curb again in front of multiple shops and restaurants.

The driver then exits the vehicle and engages the two males into a shouting match.

“Call the cops! I’m an undercover PD!” someone can be heard yelling.

It is unclear what sparked the dangerous confrontation or if any arrests were made.

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