Horst D. Deckert

Shock Video: Pack Of Dogs Maul Man Until Cop Starts Firing Shots


Disturbing footage should be run on television as a Second Amendment promo

Footage out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shows the moment a pack of aggressive canines tackled and mauled a man walking down the street before a police officer was forced to open fire.

At the beginning of the video, the man filming said, “This pit just fucked somebody up, dude,” as the pack was seen running and a police car chirped its siren.


Stay strapped frens pic.twitter.com/ghuk0H2qEi


Next, the dogs jumped on a nearby pedestrian, tackled him to the ground and brutally attacked him.

A pair of bystanders who tried helping the man were also attacked by the out-of-control animals.

It wasn’t until citizens begged the police officer sitting in his squad car and watching the incident to “shoot the motherfuckers, please” that the cop exited the vehicle.

“Shoot! Shoot!” yelled observers as the cop pulled his gun out and finally fired off a few shots at the dogs who were literally eating the man alive.

The gunshots were able to free the man from the canine attack and one of the dogs appeared to be hit.

According to NBC 10, a Pitbull was shot in Philadelphia by a police officer earlier this month after it attacked a Pomeranian and turned on the cop who tried stopping the assault.

This is another reason why citizens should be allowed to carry their own guns instead of waiting on police officers to save them.

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