Horst D. Deckert

State-Run CHICOM Newspaper Warns NATO Could Escalate Ukraine-Russia War To WWIII


‘The danger of war will inevitably increase as NATO advances and expands globally,’ article states.

An arm of the Chinese Communist Party is telling its citizens to prepare for a potential World War III scenario as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) tries to use the war between Russia and Ukraine to drag other nations into the conflict.

Titled, “NATO is pushing the Russia-Ukraine conflict toward a ‘world war,’” the article from the state-run Chinese newspaper Global Times pointed out NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg mentioned China several times during a recent trip to America.

NATO is also ramping up its preparedness, recently announcing a massive new military exercise and even warning global citizens to prepare for potential conscription into their nation’s militaries.

As reported by MSN.com, “The high tensions between Russia and NATO have seemingly escalated in recent weeks after the military alliance’s announcement last month of its largest military exercise in more than 35 years. Dubbed ‘Steadfast Defender 2024,’ the operation launched in late January and will run through May. It ultimately will include participation of around 90,000 military personnel from 31 NATO allies and Sweden.”

Global Times shared a video on social media Monday claiming an ongoing US-Japan joint military exercise “clearly names the Chinese mainland as a hypothetical enemy,” calling this, “very rude and disrespectful behavior.”

The ongoing joint command post exercise between the US military and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces clearly names the Chinese mainland as a hypothetic enemy for the first time. This is a very rude and disrespectful behavior. pic.twitter.com/uPrYwpOIiF

— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) February 5, 2024

Top NATO official Adml Rob Bauer said last month civilians of countries in the organization must get ready for “all-out war with Russia in the next 20 years.”

Bauer also warned “private citizens” that the coming conflict “would require wholesale change in their lives,” saying, “You have to have a system in place to find more people if it comes to war, whether it does or not. Then you talk mobilization, reservists or conscription.”

Touching on Stoltenberg’s USA visit, Global Times wrote, “Clearly, this is not just about NATO seeking funds. This is a clear preparation of public opinion to expand the Russia-Ukraine conflict into a world war.”

In conclusion, the state-run media piece explained NATO’s current trajectory could “lead to more divisions and confrontations globally, profoundly affecting international relations and the security environment around China.”

“Once NATO begins expanding into Asia, not only could it exacerbate global geopolitical tensions, but it could also escalate arms races and regional conflicts,” the article suggested. “The danger of war will inevitably increase as NATO advances and expands globally, and those affected will not be limited to Asia.”

The world is on the brink of another global conflict and the maniacs who have infiltrated governments around the world appear to be intentionally trying to thrust average people into deadly battlefields once again.

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