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The unknown billionaires behind the global trans agenda

By JÖRG WOLLSCHLÄGER | The bizarre gender ideology, which works towards a dissolution of gender identity, is being hyped more and more in the media. There is already talk of hundreds of freely selectable sexual-gender assignments. In part, these are simply egoists out to gain an advantage and profit from women’s quotas or to gain an unfair competitive advantage. There is also no lack of bad role models, such as Hollywood actors [link] who raise their children in a „non-binary“ way. But one should really take the actual victims seriously, especially children, as „beings under construction“ whose „future is in constant development“. It is all the more important to name the elite families who are the drivers of this global agenda. These include the Pritzkers, virtually unknown in our country, whose wealth, worth billions, comes from the Chicago underworld and who exert influence worldwide through their foundations and activities.

What blossoms is this strange cult doing in the West and what innocent victims does it leave behind with their lives destroyed?

Lesbians with penises

In some cases, transvestites or transsexuals appear to be soldiers of fortune seeking unfair advantage and attention.

Screenshot: Fox News/YouTube

Cases of male athletes undergoing hormone therapy to compete as „women“ in female competitions are spectacular. „Lia“ William Thompson had himself administered oestrogens, but retains his male anatomy below the waist. Provocatively, by sharing a locker room, he shows this to his female team members before each competition! He tops the mockery of his female competitors by now identifying himself as a lesbian and maintaining a sexual relationship with his girlfriend.

From a meagre 462nd place among the men, he made it to first place among the women through this move:

„Healthy young men do not lose significant muscle mass (or strength) when their circulating testosterone levels are reduced to a level (below International Olympic Committee guidelines) for 20 weeks“ and „indirect effects of testosterone“ on factors such as bone structure, lung volume and heart size „are not altered by hormone therapy“; therefore, „the advantage for transwomen [biological men] conferred by the [International Olympic Committee] guidelines is an intolerable injustice“ according to a scientific publication [link].

A Green MP in Berlin makes it even easier for himself to benefit from the women’s quota. In order to get a well-paid job as an MP, Markus Ganserer puts on make-up and wears women’s clothes, he puts on a silly show when his lies are called out. By the way, Ganserer is also heterosexual, married and has two children. This triggered angry protests even in the central journal of feminism, Emma, as he thus undermines one of the most important achievements of feminism, namely the meritless women’s quota [Link]. So this is more about a distribution struggle for the most profitable victim status and not about a fundamental contradiction.

Conservative-governed US states have put a stop to such excesses, at least in sport: for example, Kristie Noam, the governor of South Dakota and a rancher, passed a strict law. This stops transgender people from destroying women’s races. She is also an avowed pro-life activist and has passed one of the strictest abortion laws (Heart Beat Law) in her state, similar to the one in Texas. Major sports federations have also responded to the outcry. For example, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) has stipulated that only transgender people who have completed their „transition“ before the age of 12 are allowed to participate in women’s competitions [link].

Explosion of trans operations especially among insecure girls

What is really worrying is when it is not characterless profiteers, opportunists and actors, but easily influenced children or adolescents who are under the influence of the (social) media or school who become confused. Naturally, this is especially the case during the emotionally challenging puberty. In the social media, they are cleverly led to believe that they can change their gender at will, that there is a free choice of „sexual singularities“ according to critical French psychiatrists, doctors and scientists. The first phase of a sex change, if this is possible at all, is initiated by so-called puberty blockers that inhibit the sex hormones. Normally, such drastic interventions are only carried out very rarely, for example when puberty comes too early or in the case of retarded growth.

Pixabay: Mädchen traurig, @Alexas_Fotos

Young girls in particular seem to be greatly insecure. In their appeal, the French medical experts denounced a „robbery of childhood“ and a commercialisation of children’s bodies. These would become „lifelong consumers of hormonal chemicals marketed by pharmaceutical companies, recurrent consumers of more and more surgical procedures in pursuit of the chimerical dream of a fantasy body“ . The call came at the right time: there is an accumulation of such cases in France, especially among girls, and in Scotland a new law is to allow primary school children to have a surgical gender change without parental consent [link]. In Germany, a similar appeal was published by 120 doctors and scientists, which above all sharply criticises the propaganda for transgender ideology on state television [Link].

It can be assumed that most people are traumatised after such an intervention, especially if it takes place in childhood, and need permanent psychotherapeutic and psychiatric help. Who is responsible for the victims of this agenda, where are those behind it to be found?

From Al Capone and the „Outfit“ to the Medical Industrial Complex

The Pritzkers are the ninth richest family in America, according to Forbes magazine [link]. How did they get this wealth? The Chicago Mob, while capable of extreme brutality, is also well organised and surrounded itself early on with a network of lawyers, stooges and bought politicians. One of the mafia lawyers who laundered money on a grand scale for the „Outfit“ and thus laid the foundation for the Hyatt hotel chain was Abe Pritzker [link]. Obama, who himself has close ties to the Chicago mob, also owes his rise to the Pritzkers [link, link].

The family bought influence over the University of Chicago Medical School by donating $12 million in 1968 and $30 million again in 2002. In the same year, the Tawani Foundation was established, which distributed funds to medical institutions in the USA and Canada with a focus on gender. The Pritzkers invest particularly in hospitals such as the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago to promote „gender and sex development“ programmes or in psychiatric institutions so that the expected psychological damage of transgender people can be treated.

According to its own statements, the target group of these activities are „gender creative children“ as well as transgender and gender non-conforming youth“. The money for this comes from the „Pritzker Family Foundation“, which has more than 100 million dollars in capital [Link]. In addition, there are other pots of money like the Pritzker Innovation Fund [Link], which works towards climate communism and similar globalist goals.

Abolition of gender as the ultimate goal

The Pritzkers are part of a global alliance of corporations, philanthropists and supranational organisations that include George Soros, Warren Buffet, the medical technology firm Stryker [link], Goldmann-Sachs, the World Bank [link], international law firms [link], Johnson & Johnson [link] and almost all the big-name corporations [link].

The megalomaniac goals set by the elites are completely sick! It is about nothing less than the abolition of the human being. This goal is based on the ideas of gnosis: the creator (demiurge) is evil, the human body is bad. Only the spirit is good and must therefore be freed from its corporeality. The „G“ of the Freemasons stands, depending on the interpretation, for Gnosis [Link]; the Gnostics are thus an influential and elitist group. A newer variant of gnosis is transhumanism. The name already tells us what it is about: overcoming the supposedly evil human nature.

The author Jennifer Bilek coined the term synthetic sexual identities (SSI); transgender people are also only an intermediate step towards the creation of pure artificial beings [link]. Presumably, in a further radicalisation step, the boundary between man and machine and between man and animal is to be abolished. This would then be the creation of chimeras comparable to the mythical creatures in Greek myth and machine-humans or cyborgs. The numerous programmes of the entertainment industry are presumably intended to help get people in the mood for the implementation of such an agenda in the future.

Martine Rothblatt spoke at a speech of a necessary collaboration between tech-transhumanists and tech-transgenders to achieve this. The „deconstruction“ of bisexuality would lead to :

we are making God as we implement technology that is ever more omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and benevolent.“

Martine Rothblatt [link]

A terribly nice family

The Pritzkers have made their corruption- and mob-ridden hometown of Chicago their political domain; in Illinois, Democrat Jay Robert („JB“) Pritzker rules. He passed a school ordinance to welcome children with artificial sexual identities [link] and a new law facilitating early sexualisation [link].

Screenshot: prweb.com

James Pritzker, his brother, is a Republican donor and father of three children, and promoted presidential candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain. He donated to the gun lobby (NRA) and joined the US military in 1974. In 2013, „Jennifer“ made her gender change public. She has considerable political and social influence, mainly through the numerous family-owned foundations and institutions [link].

Her cousin Penny founded the Pritzker Traubert Foundation in Chicago[link] and made Obama’s successful presidential candidacy possible through the enormous sum of 800 million dollars [link].

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