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‘This Is Some Dystopian S***’: Thousands of NYE Revelers in Paris Criticized for Filming Countdown Instead Of Enjoying It


‘If this isn’t Orwellian I don’t know what is’

An awesome New Year’s Eve celebration at Paris’ historic Arc de Triomphe landmark was diminished by thousands of revelers marking the start of 2024 by filming the countdown on their phones.

A disconcerting video making its rounds on social media depicts the moment thousands ringing in the new year in the capital of France raised their phones to film the countdown, projected onto the upper section of the Arc.

Not a single person living in the moment… pic.twitter.com/KwCQ7zqLPX

— NO CONTEXT HUMANS (@HumansNoContext) January 1, 2024

The Arc de Triomphe gets lit up with fireworks going off across Paris, as the city ushers into what would be its Olympic year.#LOVEIs2024pic.twitter.com/4zdcwGGsAj

— Archive (@ArchiveInt) December 31, 2023

The astonishing sight prompted criticism, with many noting the footage illustrates how phones are causing people to become more detached from reality, making them fail to live in the moment.

“Not a single person living in the moment,” reads the caption of one viral X post.

“This is some dystopian s***,” another person commented, with another adding: “This is so sad, like there will be so many copies online from this why not just enjoy life.”

This is some dystopian shit

— Johannes Walter Reich (@johanneswreich) January 1, 2024

“I stopped doing this,” said another X user. “Why record something that hundreds of others are recording? Someone else has a better recording than you. And you can find it on YouTube or social media. It just doesn’t make sense, put the phone down and enjoy the moment.”

“This clip is absolutely terrifying to me,” said We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski.

Many great minds have written about the downfall of civilization, and I think this is where it starts.

— Erin Elizabeth Health Nut News 🙌 (@unhealthytruth) January 2, 2024

They all missed what they showed up to see.

— Sleep Forever (@SleepForever33) January 1, 2024

Looking at those old Dick Clark NYE specials when no one had smartphones. People were hugging, cheering, kissing ‘celebrating’. We’re just all robots now.

— Henry (@HenryBack2Play) January 1, 2024

If this isn’t Orwellian I don’t know what is

— Crypto Smoothz✝️🇺🇸 (@databreachez) January 1, 2024

No one jumping around? Celebrating? Kissing? Hugging? High fiving strangers even? Nothing? 🤷🏼‍♂️

— Jeremy (Not a Canes Insider) 🙌🏽 (@JeremyRFLA) January 1, 2024

None of those people will ever watch those videos and everyone on social media will skip their posts 😂

— FloridaMan.eth 🍊 (@votefloridaman) January 1, 2024

This is AI. It’s gotta be.

That’s 50k people, at least. There isn’t a single outburst in the entire crowd. No one going crazy in the whole frame. The camera is almost too steady.

Look at each phone as it “records.” There’s a luminescent Dr Mario pill at the top of every one.…

— rzrshrp/whpsmrt (@int3rrupt3d) January 2, 2024

The phones are in charge

They just use the humans as a means of transportation

— libertyportal.com (@libertyportal) January 1, 2024

Reminded this pic pic.twitter.com/LL3DIRtJpG

— Jaise_Taise (@Jaise_Taise) January 1, 2024

One Frenchman noted bizarre projections of fire on the Arc, asking, “What’s the message? 🤔 it looks like they are announcing hell and what they are going to do to us.”

Mais quel horreur, qui trouve cela beau. C’est quoi le message ? 🤔
on dirait qu’ils annoncent l’enfer et ce qu’ils vont nous faire subir😳🥶 #TalmudSatanique Rouge de sang et de feu sur l’#ArcDeTriomphe#BonneAnnee2024 #Paris #France #Palestine_Genocide #Gaza_Genocide #Allah 🤲🏼 pic.twitter.com/V1RvqW8Oes

— bouletteskefta 🇨🇵🇩🇿🏴‍☠️ (@bouletteskefta) January 1, 2024

Hopefully, the footage does not suggest that 2024 will be a year of technological enslavement.

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