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Trans-Crippled Man Had Healthy Fingers Lopped Off

A 20 year old Quebec man got a surgeon to amputate two healthy fingers after claiming ‘body integrity dysphoria’.

In a move not dissimilar to the transgender ‘chop chop’ and ‘snip snip’, a young man in Quebec, Canada recently had two completely functional fingers surgically removed, according to a March 27 clinical case report authored by Nadia Nadeau.

According to the report, the man related his condition to gender dysphoria, a mental disease the transgenders claim to be afflicted with.

“…a 20 years old ambidextrous male experiencing profound distress over his left hand’s fourth and fifth fingers sought elective amputation after noninvasive treatments proved unsuccessful,” the report said.

The man reportedly believed that the fingers should not be there, similar to how an increasing number of individuals believe their genitals should not be there.

“He recognizes their ownership but perceives they should not belong to his body, a feeling present since childhood,” the report said.

The report stated that these fingers repeatedly traumatized him, causing him to hide them and keep them contorted in weird positions causing pain, irritability, and anger. He also experienced daily intrusive thoughts and nightmares of the fingers rotting or burning.

“…a distressing feeling that they do not belong to him, that they should not be there and that they encroach upon his being, traumatizing him repeatedly,” the report said.

The young man has not came out of the closet to his family about being transcrippled, fearing embarrassment, the report alleges.

After being drugged for months the man still wanted the fingers chopped off.

“…he tried Fluoxetine up to 80 mg and Aripiprazole 15 mg daily, tolerating it well with mild sedation for 7 months,” the report said.

The report labeled the surgery a success, in that the amputation generated great relief for the man.

“Post-surgery, nightmares stopped immediately, along with the emotional distress. Postoperative surgical pain subsided in 1 week, and no phantom pain occurred at the one-month follow-up. Functionality was not meaningfully affected. In fact, he reported that without the two fingers he was able to use his hand as he had it mapped in his mind without having the fingers bothering him. Previously, those fingers would accidentally catch onto everything when he had them flexed. He won arm-wrestling games, was able to drive his four wheels, kept working with his hands without any problem. He had constructive life plans, reduced anger, and improved well-being with family and at work. No regrets were expressed. He feared judgment in romantic relationships but adapted his discourse to disclose as desired. During follow-up visits with the physicians involved in his care, he reported that he was now able to enjoy a normal life,” the report said.

The report went into theories as to what drives a person to become transcrippled.

“As a hypothesis to explain the disorder, it has been suggested that his could stem from a disparity between the perceived body schema and reality, resulting in the conviction that amputation is essential for one’s identity,” it said, citing this study on the topic.

Similarly, Infowars covered the case of a transcrippled woman who went on the Dr. Phil show in 2015 after dumping drain cleaner in her eyes to become blind.

“I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” the 30-year-old says.

“In 2006, Shuping finally found someone to help her realize her dream, which is when the psychologist poured drain cleaner in her eyes. After waiting 30 minutes before going to hospital, doctors were unable to save Shuping’s eyesight, which gradually declined over the next 6 months. Despite the fact that her sister and mother completely cut off contact with her over the incident, Shuping says she has never been happier,” the Infowars article read.

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