Horst D. Deckert

U.S. Journalist Murdered By NWO Puppets


The U.S. Government was fully aware of the situation and did nothing to bring journalist Gonzalo Lira home.

U.S.-Chilean journalist Gonzalo Lira had attempted to flee Ukraine but was detained, tortured, and left to die in a Ukrainian prison.

The U.S. Government was fully aware of the situation. This after the United States has handed over billions of dollars in aid and military weapons to the Biden/Zelensky money laundering operation.

Joe Biden on Saturday claimed that there is no crisis on the U.S. southern border as the United States collapses under the strain.

Meanwhile the NWO is making its move, ramping up a war between Sweden and Russia.

The NWO also banned a growing constitutional party in Germany as German farmers protest the NWO’s war on their livelihood en masse.

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