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Update: UK Security Guards Block Elton John’s Public Piano After CCP Censorship Attempts

Are British officials bowing to Chinese agitators?

Popular YouTuber Brendan Kavanagh, who plays the piano in public spaces, had an encounter in London’s St. Pancras Railway Station earlier this week when a group of CHICOM activists/agents approached him and demanded he stop recording them and delete his footage of them.

Following the confrontation, Kavanagh later learned security guards at the train station were blocking the piano from being played whatsoever.

After finding this out, he reached out to legendary musician Elton John to see if he’d like to comment on the piano being blocked by security following censorship attempts by the Chinese Communist Party, since the “Rocket Man” singer signed the instrument and donated it to the station.

“Enjoy this piano. It’s a gift. Love, Elton John,” he wrote on top.

The YouTube pianist is now waiting to hear back from John, telling viewers, “I’ve just been in touch with a journalist from The Daily Express who has contacted Elton’s PR team to get a comment on the fact that his piano is no longer available for public use.”

See Elton John play a surprise performance on the piano when he donated it back in 2016.

Watch Kavanagh’s full encounter with the Chinese group below:

Also, don’t miss out on Kavanagh’s recent appearance on Talk TV where he went into further detail about his encounter with the group of Chinese nationals who tried to suppress his free speech.

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