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Video: Illegals Seek Out Biden’s Border Patrol Knowing They’ll Let Them Cross

Entitled illegal aliens annoyed by Texas National Guard actually working to secure the border.

Illegal aliens trying to cross into the U.S. expressed frustration over the fact Texas National Guard were patrolling the area instead of Joe Biden’s border patrol, aware they are ordered to let them cross.

“We’re looking for Border Patrol!” the illegals told a CBS affiliate reporter near Shelby Park, where the Texas National Guard have seized control of the area.

Illegals arriving at the border are pissed to learn that Texas National Guard is now in charge of the area:

“We’re looking for Border Patrol!”

Texas seized Shelby Park on January 10 and is blocking off the federal government from the area while they arrest illegals and build… pic.twitter.com/sPqQEnyIXV

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 21, 2024

The illegals also expressed their annoyance that the Border Patrol were no longer in the vicinity to facilitate their unlawful entry into the U.S.

Texas seized Shelby Park in Eagle Pass earlier this month and is now actively arresting illegals and constructing razor wire barriers.

The order by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) prompted a legal showdown between state officials and the Biden Border Patrol.

The Biden administration sued the state to block the law and demanded access to the area surrounding Shelby Park.

Border agents are telling me that Biden’s DHS wants them to record any altercations they may have with Texas authorities in Eagle Pass over the state takeover of Shelby Park

The agents, however, have been working well with TX authorities since Abbott deployed them. pic.twitter.com/IvuUANjw9O

— Jennie Taer 🇮🇱🇺🇸 (@JennieSTaer) January 20, 2024

The DHS filed a memo last week complaining that Border Patrol agents can no longer use their usual “staging area” to facilitate illegal aliens into the U.S., and must now do so in “suboptimal conditions” along a two-way highway, where there is “not a lot of space to safely intake migrants.”

This comes after Joe Biden finally admitted Friday that the U.S. southern border is NOT secure.

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