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Video: Moment Judge Finds Mother ‘Not Guilty’ After Smothering 2-Month-Old Daughter To Death While On Meth


Judge equated the drug-fueled rage to partying on the weekend

A shocking story is going viral online as a black woman was found “not guilty” for child neglect after she admitted to killing her own two-month-old daughter by smothering her with a couch cushion while high on methamphetamines.

According to Fox 59, “Court records show the mother gave a lengthy confession in which she tearfully admitted she smothered her daughter in the couch cushions because she was high on meth and wanted the child to stop crying and be quiet so she could get some sleep.”

Indianapolis judge finds mother not guilty in death of infant daughter after she admitted to smothering the child while high on meth pic.twitter.com/qP94NJnXxA

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) April 18, 2024

Explaining the reason behind the bizarre ruling, the judge presiding over the case “insisted prosecutors didn’t prove she intentionally harmed her daughter,” telling prosecutors “they charged the suspect with the wrong crime,” according to the outlet.

Did the prosecutors intentionally charge the mother with the wrong crime, or is this another example of government failure?

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