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Video: SNL Mocks Trump’s Court Cases & 2024 Campaign in First Cold Open of Year

NBC rings in election year with sketch ridiculing Trump’s legal team and his campaign efforts with presidential election less than a year away.

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” took aim at former President Donald Trump in its first cold open of 2024, ridiculing his campaign and his slew of legal battles.

The parody sketch begins in a fake New York City courtroom with Trump attorney Alina Habba, played by Chloe Fineman, mocking her experience.

“And I want to make this perfectly clear, I am new at this and I am learning,” Fineman said. “Now, the president may or may not stop for brief remarks, but due to a strict gag order, he will not be commenting on anything pertaining to this case, Miss Carroll or the judge.”

Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, entered moments later before mocking his own legal team.

“You’re great on TV,” Johnson said to Fineman. “Maybe the worst lawyer I’ve ever had, which is quite an accomplishment. Look at this team…this is the bottom of the barrel, folks, this is who said yes. I’m in the lead for president, and this is the best I can get. Feels like a red flag, no?”

“You’re not getting paid, by the way,” he told his other lawyers.

Johnson’s Trump went on say he would be “abiding by this horrible gag order” before launching into a diatribe about the case and in so doing violating the gag order.

“So I will not be saying that the judge is an idiot or where he lives or what kind of crappy car he drives,” Johnson said.

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