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Watch: Car Thief Mows Down Good Samaritan Who Fired Shots In Attempt To Stop Crime

Terrifying incident captured on film.

Disturbing footage out of North Carolina shows the moment a car thief turned deadly with a suspect using a vehicle to run over and kill a good samaritan who tried to stop the midday carjacking last month.

In the video, 38-year-old Jonathan Lecompte can be seen pointing a handgun at 28-year-old Ricky Driggers and yelling, “Don’t get in the goddamn truck, fool!”

SHOCK VIDEO: ⚠️ Man in yellow workers vest fires multiple shots into the cab of a truck, driver of the truck backs up and RUNS OVER shooter..pic.twitter.com/5qLDrSnfCf

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) April 15, 2024

When Driggers ignored the command and sat in the truck’s driver seat, Lecompte fired four shots at him as he backed up the vehicle.

Next, Lecompte shouted to bystanders, “Get out of the way, he’s gonna run into us!”

Several people went running, including Lecompte, but the truck was able to strike him and send him flying into the air.

Lecompte was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Driggers was later caught by police and is being charged with first-degree murder, attempted common law robbery, larceny of a motor vehicle and felony fleeing to elude.

Robeson County Detention Center
Ricky Driggers

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